Robby Soave: Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan Is A CASH-GRAB For ELITES

Robby Soave criticizes President Biden’s student loan forgiveness plans as a bailout for Big Education.

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  1. People need help, whether that help solves the problem is IRRELEVANT. Do food stamps solve the hunger problem? No. So do we not give them to the hungry because they don’t solve the problem of hunger?

    Robby and Batya – what is wrong with you? You are too privileged.

  2. I would really like to know if Robby and Batya had student loan debt. I've seen Brianna talk about her student debt in front of Robby, with Robby not mentioning having any debt. Batya went to the University of California at Berkeley, and Robby went to the University of Michigan.

  3. Elites don't get loans being forgiven… the loans are owned by the government that they just are decreasing the numbers. Those that didn't go to college aren't paying a dime extra due to this decrease in debt they own. I have 60k in loans, I paid them off every month when they were owed, and a bit more, and my loan amount hasn't changed. Yes, the loan program should be a tiny percent, and colleges should be cheaper, but it will take FOREVER for that change. NO ONE ELSE IS CHIPPING IN TO HELP THEM. Trillions in taxes will be still owed in 1s and 0s in the system.
    No one should go to college anymore, tech schools are the way to go. College is a waste of money, ask anyone who went other than doctors, money handlers, or lawyers.

  4. Money IS NOT CHANGING HANDS. This is just decreasing the numbers in accounts. Yes the college system should change, but this is faster, and CAN ACTUALLY BE DONE! Gov has rarely if ever stopped a company or industry from making money.

  5. Heaven forbid we give lower and middle class individuals who went to school to become nurses, social workers, and civil engineers a break in their student loan debt. Politicians like Ted Cruz would rather give your tax dollars away to mega-corporations who’s CEO’s and board members make tens of millions of dollars a year. Direct subsidies for fossil fuel production—money that flows directly from the government to fossil fuel companies to support activities like exploration, extraction, and development is around $20.5 billion annually, including $14.7 billion in federal subsidies and $5.8 billion in state-level incentives. A whopping 80 percent of this goes to oil and gas (with the rest supporting coal). Good job, Ted.

  6. Subsidies for public universities were diverted to corporations. Government loans were privatized and the interest rate skyrocketed. This was all wealth transfer upward to the rentier class, who as the name implies, collect economic rents. In this case student loans. Remember, the really rich do not earn, they own. And collect rents from you. Before it was so cost prohibitive, more people could achieve upward mobility through educational achievement. Now people are happy if they can just service their loans, forget about building wealth anytime soon, if at all. Basically, not everyone is getting every benefit (some would say rights) so no one should get anything. Anti-public goods, basically. Be fair, live in serfdom until Congress some eon comprehensively does everything right for everyone.

  7. your not going to find a bank or loan agency that will just say ok you cant pay forget it. These people made there own bed how is it my issue. kid sick F you pay me lost your job f you pay me. its all a scam higher education high schools don't teach auto shop metal shop wood shop basic electronics any more there all collage things now that is what got be interested in the what I'm in now. I'm all for someone educating themselves but if you order a meal and eat it all and decide not to pay that's bull.

  8. Do you want to know what’s more dangerous than Rising commentators being criticized for their comments by other media outlets (as he started his rant with)? It’s demonizing people that attend/attended college.

    Batya and Robby typically hate identity politics – that is until they can use identity politics to make another video ranting about identity politics.

    The facts are that college isn’t for everybody, and that’s fine. It’s also true that college is great for some.

  9. Robby asks why the system isn’t changing? Why just the student loan forgiveness?

    Does he pay attention? Democrats have been arguing for free and low cost public education for decades. Reagan started the trend of using public higher education as a profit center by cutting those funds.

    If Democrats had a strong enough majority, they’d pass laws making public Higher Ed free/low cost. But they can’t do to REPUBLICAN opposition. So instead, Biden does what he can under current laws. It does not address the longer term costs of education, but although not perfect, it is progress. And we need progress.

  10. it is unbelievable and unconscionable that biden refers to a generation saddled with a debt burden they cannot get out of, while continuing to spend money we do not have and creating a national debt burden which will never be paid. democrat tax and spenders are kicking the can down the road, and the same generation they claim to be helping is going to suffer the most for it. plus this is really a bribe, in anticipation of the upcoming midterms.

  11. To me there is absolutely nothing different between the Republicans and Democrats. They are just different sides of the same coin. They are concerned with protecting. Protecting their donor class and protecting their power and wealth.

  12. They are buying votes with your children's money. We are now feeling the "free" money from pandemic. There are programs that will pay part of your degree if you work in that sector for a period of time. Do more of that. Not pay for people to get degrees in feild that add Nothing to any community

  13. THey want us all in debt, whether with a house, or a college loan, or other necessities of life. All of the markers of success last century are now unattainable without sacrificing your first-born.

  14. This is why I don’t like our binary political system. Robbie can’t even acknowledge that this is a small win for his viewers. We support you Robbie, our attention, is your paycheck, but you can’t support us because you can’t acknowledge something beneficial that doesn’t originate from your tribe.
    This is what binary politics does. It switches on tribalistic thinking and suppresses rationality. This is a small imperfect win for a lot of people, that’s all it is.

  15. Whatever it is, I'm just glad I dont have to pay off that useless debt. I went for computer science, only managed a BS, but once graduated realized there was literally no way I could stomach working in an office. The rank absurdity of office work killed it for me, so now I'm working in a factory doing CNC. It's not just college and universities that need revamped, but the entire way we approach work.

  16. Lol about 80-90% of the debt relief will go to people making less than 75k and 100% to those making less than 100k. This includes people who dropped out before getting their degrees and people who switched careers into blue collar jobs anyway or includes public servants who work as teachers or nurses etc.. how are these people most of whom make less than $75k classified as “elites”???????

  17. Having the problem resurface 5-10 years from now is a feature for Democrats not a bug. It ensures that they will have voters pining for loan forgiveness nearly every presidential election cycle. The rewards for them not attempting to fix the system are evergreen.

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