Robby Soave: Biden’s TYRANNICAL Pick For OCR Confirmed, Free Speech On College Campuses At RISK

Robby Soave previews the newly confirmed assistant secretary for the Department of Education’s office for civil rights, Catherine Lhamon.

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  1. This is what happens when a group’s opinions are never challenged, and they are told that they’re always right, because their feelings are always valid, and they matter the most. It’s usually not even the minorities or the “victims” that are voicing the strongest outrage, it’s privileged people who want to feel important, or feel better about themselves by taking up a cross that no one asked them to carry.

  2. This is a deception. She is making legitimate criticism of other and unrelated things simply too dangerous to engage in. This is a deliberate protection of at-large bad-actors. The simple question is this, what is the identity of that group who will benefit from such contrived hyper-sensitivity? Who might they be? Politics always begins at home. She is clearly an agent and not a principal.

  3. Heterodox Academy is working to create a new private college called University of Austin to be based in Austin Texas. I predict there will be a lot of professors and students transferring there.

  4. Incredible. Fascism on college campuses. I’m sorry but the Democrats are going to pull the rug out from under themselves. And the snowflake students who bring absurd cases are simply idiots.

  5. Critical Race Theory teaches that subjective feelings of minorities should be our influence instead of "objective, balanced and neutral" thinking. This is literally in the CRT propaganda teaching. Any rational, sane person should be opposing CRT.

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