Robby Soave: Big Tech Censorship OVERBLOWN By Conservatives, Mainstream Media Is MUCH WORSE

Robby Soave breaks down why journalists at legacy institutions advocate for more social media content moderation.

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  1. We need a Twitter that's owned by a Republican and you can have your Twitter that's owned by a Democrat will kick-off who we want to kick off and you can continue to kick-off who you want to kick off Fairplay Fourier semper censorship needs

  2. The Hill running interference for the deep state.
    I think I'll take a leaf out of the cancel culture narrative and UNSUBSCRIBE!
    Edit: on second thoughts i'll tolerate this a little longer for the sake of Kim who seems to have some integrity intact.

  3. So Rob, Kim, and Ryan why don't you guys project a special coverage addressing "the censorship"?! Invite representatives of those big tech company and hold a "debate" upon this matter.

    That'll be great as it reaches everybody. How about that gentlemen and gentlewomen?

  4. the woman i believe is wrong. twitter or any tech apps use automated filters, or else it will be cumbersome for humans to look all those tweets and accounts. also the more popular you are, the more twitter or any company will listen to you. these screening algorithms are not perfect, that's we do refactoring our codes.

  5. Ryan, it is an easy question and it has a very straightforward answer. The current social programs are the AT&t of the social media world. They hold all the power and they set all the rules. They need to be broken up but your hesitant to do so because it's working out for your side. If there were as many mistakes banning liberals from these platforms you would be up in arms and calling for their breaking up. None of you have any real opinions on this that you're willing to vocalize. You're riding the fence. Which means you know it's wrong, but you're not really willing to do anything about it because it's working out for you. That's a scumbags way of thinking. I'll just leave it at that

  6. Its not overblown. Ill make a criticism of men under a video and it will stay put. I will make the same criticism toward women under a video and it magically disappears. This is just 1 example but censorship is a problem and itll only get worse from here.

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