Robby Soave: CDC Says 60% Of Teens Hospitalized With Covid Had Severe Obesity

Robby Soave goes into results from a new study showing young people are generally safe from COVID, except in the case of comorbidities such as obesity,

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  1. America is obese. America is suffering from a pandemic that disproportionately kills obese people. The incredible mental gymnastics we use to avoid the obvious conclusion: we need to get healthy and loose weight tells us how far removed from reality we are.

  2. Perhaps , including vaccination status along with general good health might be stretching the efficacy of the vaccines a bit ? The obese children whom passed at the hands of covid would probably have been at almost a great of risk for death vaccinated or not ? Is there any evidence for such a claim ?
    By the way you speak about parents vaccinating their obese children , makes it sound like you either count on the pandemic continuing or are unaware that after Omicron the chances of the virus becoming endemic are extremely good ?

  3. I’m waiting for someone to address how 15 out of 25 researchers that were fully vaccinated in Antarctica came down with covid. These people are literally hundreds of miles away from civilization. It should be the safest place to be on earth in regards to covid.

  4. They keep demanding children put their lives on hold and live in fear for the supposed sake of the old and elderly while actually making these kids more susceptible to COVID (and mental health issues) by keeping them away from healthy activities. It is not natural to expect this from kids. If this pandemic was so dire, they wouldn't need to even tell people to take measures, let alone this. When the pandemic started, everyone wore a mask despite flip flop Fauci because no one knew what was going on. Now we know a lot, and it's time for these proven liars to keep their noses out of our business.

  5. Really like this channel. My entire family is unvaccinated. We all caught covid. My son suffered extremely mild symptoms sick one day back to normal childhood the next. My wife had a little bit more tough symptoms but like the flu it passed. I basically had a two-day hangover. All of us are fine none of us suffered I have friends that are fully vaccinated and had way worse symptoms. So let's keep that into account and put that in the numbers

  6. Sorry, but the Spanish flu was not Spanish, and was the result of the vaccines given to the military. The surplus shots were given to the rest of the population causing the so call flu to spread further. Interesting to note that in 100 years, nothing has changed.

  7. This is how the CDC ties anyone with underlying health conditions with covid, if anyone(elderly, middle aged, teenager, child) with an underlying health condition that test positive with covid…it's not a cancer, heart attack, obesity, liver failure etc. death it's a covid death. Who do you know that was completely healthy and died off covid? If there are some it's not enough to cause a pandemic!!!

  8. Obesity is just another symptom of Chronic hyperInsulinemia, as is CVD, cancer, kidney disease, and T2Diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. The cure is staying as much as possible in metabolic ketosis, 20g of carbs or fewer/day, as well as intermittent fasting. We've known ALL OF THIS since the mid-1980s so why doesn't Robby or Ryan mention it at all?! Jeez….

  9. People die from the Flu basically because of the allergic reactions that are created by their own bodies, when a virus has entered their respiratory system. Like having a food allergy or being allergic to a bee sting, the severe reaction or over reaction , such as fever, swelling, pain , inability to breathe, etc. these are self created problems, and usually are controlled by Cold Medications, which treat these symptoms to permit time to pass and then in a separate issue, the person infected with a virus, develops an anti body response to purge the virus out of the body. So few people ever die directly by the virus, but they can respond with an allergic reaction to the condition so severely , they could die if they have health problems making them too sensitive and having allergic reactions. If you were allergic to a bee sting, you could die, and also with a food allergy, you eat something and you swell up , you can't breath and you could die. So the life saving issues ought to be treating the symptoms so a person with a viral infection does not have violent reactions, and die from complications .

  10. Grim still trying to push these jabs on kids, even though there are vastly more adverse effects reported that would justify based on the risks that this study shows. Pathetic.

  11. Why not mandate no fast food/healthy living and exercise rather than vaccines ……. Ridiculous to vaccinate all kids because such a tiny (unhealthy) group are getting ill ….

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