Robby Soave: CENSORSHIP Of Kiwi Farms Will Make Hate Online WORSE

Robby Soave makes the case that shutting down the internet forum Kiwi Farms after Cloudflare last week dropped the forum in response to public pressure, is dangerous, and will only fuel more online hate. #KiwiFarms #Speech #Internet

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  1. Bri – Way to only give certain facts on Keffals. Not that she bilked people for 100k. Not that she lied about being swatted, held at gunpoint, and being dead named.

  2. When will these politicians, these media outlets understand that silencing or making more laws/mandates cannot and will not change people's actions, it only changes how open to the public they are about these actions. Now yes you could argue, it's better if people commit actions or deeds that may be deemed not appropriate for society in secrecy rather than in the public eye BUT it's that said mentality and status quo that only fuels the overall ego of the west. It's not solving the problems if people continue to do things in silence especially if they are full of rage because they were forced to be silent, we need to aim at striking at the core of the soul of the American individuals to promote universally agreed lifestyle choices.

  3. Stalking and doxing of private persons is a legit reason to take down Kiwi Farms. That's the free speech standard that would apply to the government, and so I don't think the removal of this forum is a violation of anyone's rights.

  4. The only reason this ever happened was because Keffals didn't want to be held accountable for all the horrible things she has said and done online since all of it was being archived on this site!

  5. If a form of free speech is not against the law, it’s too bad if it hurts your feelings. “Problematic Speech” = Not Free Speech. Free Speech is the speech allowed that you don’t like.

  6. Robbie, it’s not complicated. If someone isn’t breaking the law when they express their views, problematic speech is simply someone that doesn’t like someone else using free speech.

  7. Well… that ended abruptly. But Elizabeth's final point was a critical one. Law enforcement should go after those making the direct threats, rather than trying to hold third party platforms liable.

  8. You revisited this subject, could you not at least look into the allegations against keffals of her pushing homemade hrt on kids? Where does that fall on the dangerous intent list of hierarchies.

  9. Look, here is the problem: If someone calls for actual violence against another person, AND gives details on where that person can be found, does that transform the speech into a true threat? If it does, it is not protected speech. It is a true threat and should be treated as such. But should an entire site be taken down because of some true threats? Was the site's purpose to transmit threats, and the rest of the conversations were window dressing?

  10. Keffals facilitates her harassment so she can make money and get attention. She is getting an IRL streaming setup so people can follower her around while she walks. Her online brand is internet crybully terrorism.

  11. She had no reason to go to Ireland.
    She could just move to the next door.
    And the only reason they can track her, b/c she keeps posting the information.
    Those guys are not CIA & FBI.
    She is obviously disclosing enough information to be tracked down.

  12. If there was such a threat then cloudflare should let police deal with it instead of further compromising their values and mission. Their original argument against not removing the site was basically that they see themselves like a phone company and phone companies don't shut down people for speech through their network…except apparently Google voice now. I guess when you view opinions as literal violence than anything can be seen as an imminent threat to human life.

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