Robby Soave: Chicago Teachers PLOT Return To Virtual Learning, IGNORING Proven Harm To Children

Robby Soave makes the case that schools should not go back to virtual education, despite some teachers’ expressed interest in doing so.

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  1. The schools in my country literally reversed course after only about 5 weeks of online learning. Teachers are a lot more honest, sincere and dedicated here.

  2. Teachers are unwittingly bringing about their own Demise . They keep pushing for remote learning because it's easier and less work for them but eventually they will be replaced by AI . They keep pushing the idea that remote learimg is every bit as good as in person roaring thus helping to seal their own fate. If they insist that remote learning is just as good I see no reason to pay them when I computer program can do what they useful idiots.

  3. Robby is another talking head for the oligarchy. His radar was filled with lies and pseudo science meant to justify sending kids into unsafe schools and parents back to work to be exploited to produce profits for the oligarchy.

  4. have the teachers in chicago not realized that in school districts across the country teachers are backing the classroom? ridiculous. that entire teachers union needs to be fired.

  5. i had some of my best grades during zoom classes. honestly, i think this simply pointing to a problem that doesnt even have anything to do with the pandemic. a school shouldnt be a day care. kids unable to focus on learning, just cause theres nobody infront of them to force them to pay attention isnt a problem of covid. they dont seem to have problems paying attention to their favorite twitch streamers… this is a cultural and societal problem. education has lost its value and i cant even blame them. college is worthless at this point. knowledge isnt though.

  6. This is homeschooling as long as the children get to be in sports and extra circular activities homeschooling is great.. do NOT isolate the children.. I had a bunch of kids in and out studying together when we went virtual..

  7. I'm working in retail in front of a lot of people especially during Christmas. So why are teachers who we pay as tax payers don't feel like working in public. Restaurant, grocery, retail, and hospitals are still working during this time. Should retailers close and only do catalogue sales only?

  8. So the teachers are willing to sacrifice kids because they’re scared?
    If they’re so scared, then they should get vaccinated and get the booster even. If they have all 3, what’s the worry?

  9. Public zoom school is not "homeschool". In regular non-covid homeschool we have outside resources. Our children are not isolated and made to sit in front of a computer 6 hours a day 5 days a week to keep up with attendance, so that the public school can meet their state and federal funding requirements. Covid has shut down important enrichment activities and social opportunities for a lot of kids including regular homeschool kids, but at least the homeschool kids have a more flexible program that fits their needs even in a pandemic. Ofcourse the public school kids are going to fail at home.

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