Robby Soave: Chris Cuomo’s SHAMELESS MeToo Hypocrisy Shows EXACTLY How Performative Elite Dems Are

Robby Soave breaks down the pervasiveness of #MeToo hypocrisy in elite Democratic circles.

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  1. Me too was never about protecting women. It was really about exploiting abused and harassed women to smear conservatives while turning a blind eye to the fact that the left abuses and harassed women disproportionately.

  2. Trump is apparently a molester too yet the right wing says nothing. Cuckoldry. They’ll yell about Epstein all day but then when Trump is linked to him – not a peep.

  3. That teens life is NOT destroyed by this incident, though I'm sure many would like it if it were. She needs to fight back, go apply to more colleges (preferably more conservative ones) or find something else to do such as in business, etc. She needs to rally her friends and find out who truly is, and move to where she is welcome if need be! People cannot let themselves be "thrown away" like that, and quit say ruining someone's life! Maybe the life they had planned, but remember God sometimes changes our plans! Hope she does well and recovers in her own way and may God bless her! 🙏🙏🙏

  4. This is the hill now that Krystal and Safari left. Just another mouthpiece for the establishment, most notably the war mongers. Thanks for contributing to the division of our culture! I hope your paychecks are enough to cover your loss of integrity

  5. Chevron and private lawyers serving as prosecutors for the United States did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

    Donziger plans to appeal. He will remain under home confinement, where he has been for two years, if he appeals quickly. Preska denied bail pending the appeal.

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