Robby Soave: Conservative Professor CENSORED By Woke Students, Another Blow To Free Speech

Robby Soave details the latest academic freedom violation on a college campus.

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  1. Why is it racist to limit the number of Asian immigrants into the US? If it is then are Asian countries racist for limiting the number of immigrants into their respective countries? Should we allow immigration from racist countries? Are all non-European peoples preferable as immigrants? Can Americans discern for themselves who can immigrate into the US or does the world have an inalienable right to immigrate into the US? If racism is a sin is it a grave sin? Are there other sins that are worse? Is there a long track record of national stability in nations or other political entities where a polyglot of peoples without a common language or customs come together? Are there examples of minority groups having an outsized influence or control over business and politics ruling over the majority to the detriment of the majority? None of these questions are ever asked when Western countries are expected to take in non-Western peoples. Instead, there is reflexive and pat immediate response that every person should be eligible regardless. The more sensible make allowances for skilled immigrants over unskilled but that isn’t enough in my book.

  2. I believe we should limit the number of Asian men. Then again, that goes for the number of men in general. There are far too many men of all races on this Irth. I am already here, so there.

  3. Not to nitpick Ryan but the guest they have on, Briana, had segments using the term “the whites”. They may want to let her know it’s not a great way to refer to any group

  4. Asians vote for Democrats
    Democrats vote for prop 16 and various other anti-asian propositions.
    Asians get the short stick in affirmative action hires every time.
    Idk sounds like reaping what you sow.

  5. Lol. This woman talks as if Asians are being let into the country in droves.
    News flash:: The US immigration system operates on a strict system of quotas and this is why someone born in India/China/Philippines has to wait for decades to get into the country lawfully. So the idea of “Asians changing culture” is absolute BS.

  6. “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” William Casey, CIA Director at 1st staff meeting in 1981

  7. I thought she had a good point. What would the ramifications be if we allowed first generation immigrants to run the country? Is the idea that the president must also be born in the USA wrong as well? I know if we have a bunch of communist Chinese running the country, or a bunch of Indians that still believe in the Caste system running the country or sections of it, or even major business in the USA there could be issues no?

  8. Most Americans wouldn't recognize real "libertarianism" if it bit them in the @$$. The Tea Party was the best [newest] 'grass-roots' movement that money could buy. Not say that "liberals" aren't indeed useless, but so are all the disingenuous "labels" everybody tends to cling to these days.
    PS & BTW? The term "libertarian" was originally coined by a Communist before it got hijacked by neoliberal yuppies like Murray Rothbard. Getting sick of hearing that well worn Reagan trope, 'government is the problem", when it's already owned and operated by the same BS "free-marketeers", like the Koch Bros that they so casually kowtow to.
    If you want the government out of your business, then get your business [the F] outa my government. Fair enough?

  9. It's irritating to hear Ryan say not everybody has a right to be published.
    Does that include self publishing?
    So you don't believe in freedom of speech and choose to live here and hound us and tell us how wrong we are?

  10. No woke group responses to a dam thing why do they have any power to ruin our lives. We Aren't going to have professors left. Corp elite made up a bot and people are Following it.

  11. The hilarious thing about Amy Wax's fear is that Asians are invisible in U.S. politics. How many people can name one Asian elected official in the U.S.? And even the SJWs almost always neglect to mention Asians (and Native Americans) when they rattle off the list of groups they care about; it's just blacks and Latinos to them. The only time you ever hear about Asians in U.S. political discussions is when SJWs are on their soapbox about anti-Asian violence. Asians are little more than a prop for their latest virtue signalling, not an actual group of people with political power that they need to care about.

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