Robby Soave: Dr. Fauci’s Gain Of Function Deposition REVEALS More QUESTIONS Than Answers

Robby Soave breaks down Dr. Anthony Fauci’s seven hour testimony on gain of function research. #Fauci #covid #gainoffunction #wuhan #lableak

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  1. If you accept the premise that the vaccination of the global population was always the primary goal, and the Wuhan research was engineering the demand, then it is difficult to believe the Fauci has forgotten anything related to how this was planned or funded. The real question for me is what is the vaccine engineered to do. I think we will see in the coming months.

  2. I could believe that pre-2020, he didn't know off the top of his head whether he approved exemptions to the gain of function ban amongst everything else.

    But he 100% knows he did or not as of right now.

  3. Obviously Dr Fauci was not 'concerned' about the global health risks associated with gain-of-function research…even though someone in the Obama administration was 'concerned'.

  4. The greatest "mistake" crime against humanity in medical history
    ‘Those who have conducted this vaccination programme have made a catastrophic mistake’ ~ Dr Paul Alexander, MSC, PHD, Expert in Evidence Based Medicine.

  5. Robbie just said "Some would be concerned" millions are dead you Clown & it's his fault & you & most of your team pushed it on the world by following the narrative. God is watching, & if you had a set of balls, you would have walked out with Kim. Shame on you because you have the potential to be a great reporter, now your stuck with Bri bullying you into what to say "Your finished Mate"

  6. When politicians or Bureaucrats lie to the People, they must be charged with Treason, and banned from any public office for LIFE! ie: CDC, NIH, MSM, Mr Schiff, Fauci, Biden, Kamala, Schumer, Pelosi, Romney, Kitzinger, Liz Cheney, and the 50 intel officers that signed the lie about Hunter Bidens laptop being Russian propaganda??? NOT!

  7. Serious Doctors who cured thousands of COVID cases like Zelenko, Malone, McCollough,… if therapeutics and protocols they recommended were used, Dr. Zelenko states that at least 90% of the 1 million deaths would have been saved! This is criminal and Fauci, CDC, MSM and pundits must be prosecuted for GENOCIDE!

  8. Fauci knew exactly what he was doing . This guy should be in a jail cell . He is the definition of Government bureaucracy. This is the reasonKim left because this channel can even stand by facts

  9. Our own military told him the research was too dangerous and that is why congress put the pause on it and also why he moved it to china and granted the extension. This isn't rocket science or even bat science. They wanted to continue their experiments after our gov said stop and they killed millions. End of story.

  10. Fauci 10-7-2020: "I recommended to the president that we shut the country down" – Newsweek

    Fauci 7-26-2022: "I didn't recommend locking anything down" – The Hill (responding to question about devastating effects of lockdowns)

  11. So wait can somebody please help me…Fauci created it or funded rather the creation of this virus…then got royalties and then was in charge of our earthly lockdown for 2 plus years….wait is this real help me

  12. So wait can somebody please help me…Fauci created it or funded rather the creation of this virus…then got royalties and then was in charge of our earthly lockdown for 2 plus years….wait is this real help me

  13. So ironic that those that pushed so hard for lockdowns, school closures and mandatory jabs, are now those who have no interest in the origins of the virus or investigating the lies of government officials.
    And Fauci goes from claiming he is "science" itself, to a senior citizen with serious memory issues.

  14. Absolutely ridiculous. Obama said no more effing around with gain of function, and they deliberately moved around the regulation through the Eco Alliance BS and he and Berrick are best pals. Either you both are daft, or The Hill is getting lamer and lamer.

  15. He’s a liar. He is responsible for oversight of the agency he directed. Period. He is responsible due to his position. He’s more of an egomaniac and a bureaucrat, rather than a scientist. He shut down scientist and physicians with innovative ideas in order to push his single narrative. Hoping I live long enough to see him prosecuted for the mayhem he and he alone created to feed his own ego.

  16. you opened the door to our technologies by allowing people from all over the world to be a part of our educational systems….. they sent their kids here to gather as much of out stuff as they could get their hands on so they could save alot of money by reverse engineering what we know…. they have been doing it for decades….. they dont care!

  17. Fauci and the CDC, purveyors of mis information and global Pandemics. Where is our lifesaving Medicare for ALL that Fauci knows would save over 60,000 American lives each year? The Pandemic of the intentionally mis informed.

  18. “I don’t recall, but I believe — and again, I would say I don’t precisely recall, but there was some recollection…” Jesus Christ, we are really at this point are we?

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