Robby Soave: Fauci’s SECRET 7 Hour Testimony On Gain Of Function Lab-Leak Connection RELEASED

Robby Soave breaks down Dr. Anthony Fauci’s seven hour testimony on gain of function research. #Fauci #covid #gainoffunction #wuhan #lableak

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  1. So, the virus was developed in the US by researcher Barack at Chapel Hill and was given to the Bat Lady to take back to China. Hmm, so US research created the virus which was given to a Chinese researcher to take back to China where it would be mishandled creating the pandemic. Barack's work was funded by the NIH via Fauci.
    The end result is a lot of people dead. But not to worry, Barack will get a Nobel Prize and Fauci will provide for his family abundantly in Italy. Robby and Rising thanks for taking the time to go into the deposition.

  2. You Both are being too light when You both know that Fauci had plenty of time to review his actions since this all blew up. enough has occurred over the last year to merit his direct attention to and efforts to refresh his memory about what he did and directly allowed. The documentaries already published and the books publishes (Including "The Real Anothny Fauci", provides all you need. Have either of you read that book? I really miss KIM.

  3. Is it me or has "journalism" become a type of (or extension) government advocacy or diplomacy?

    The point of recognizing "concerning" information isn't to reduce the concerns by playing lawyer for those government people most responsible. It's either just reporting the facts, including drawing the clear lines/discrepancies between what was initially reported, the now measable impact of the suspect information (lies), and the line to those responsible for vetting information that can/will/did have all kinds of MAJOR socioeconomic ramifications.

    Many of us took all kinds of flack from well intended, but childishly gullible people whose basis for defending and attacking highly questionable "science" because it was "inconceivable" people could and would deceive on such a scale.

    Will people learn from this absolutely foolish presumption that those in power with godlike immunity for any harm done, might say and do things that benefit them and those of their class/circle to everyone else's detriment?

  4. Bri nailed it, he absolutely looked I to all of this prior to that hearing, saw his culpability and then was advised by legal counsel to answer questions in the manner he did.

    100 % Nailed it!

    Killing it Miss Bri, Killing it

  5. Robby and Bri remain clueless; Robby slightly less than Bri. This is the biggest government conspiracy since the JFK assassination. And just like the Kennedy assassination, it's too horrific for most people to wrap their head around.

  6. He's supposed to be the countries leading expert in pandemic responses. Even I can see global pandemics happen about every 100 years. Common culture had been referencing the Spanish Flu of 1918 for the last 20 years…..and he wasn't aware of the research he was funding? Negligent at the least! He is the highest paid federal employee to be THE EXPERT in THIS FIELD. He knew everything that was going on, or he had no idea, either way he FAILED at his administrative function. If his title was Press Secretary I would call him a success.

  7. According to the thread itself, the material that the Biden campaign asked them to take down were intimate photos of Hunter Biden that were shared nonconsenually… This is not a government overreach or flouting of the First Amendment at all since Joe wasn't president… It's sad how many people have no idea what the First Amendment is about… Further, the Trump presidency DID actually reach out to Twitter to have certain posts to be retracted, which IS a violation of the First Amendment since this is actually the government attempting to exert its power over a private company. But you won't mention that and spend all your time yammering on about a non-issue. You're hacks and this is the most shameful display of journalistic malpractice that I've seen on this channel and that is saying something!

  8. I find it more interesting that you guys said you read the report totally? But yet you leave out entirely about Anthony fauci's daughter working at Twitter during the pandemic as a software engineer? Wonder how much influence did she have with Jack Dorsey? I guess if you get past the sm😳🙄

  9. Why are you giving him an out. He did this on purpose. The man is evil. He is beyond negligence. it is criminal. Wake up. You both are so naive. Millions have died and you want to give him an out. He can't remember is bull. He remembers. They all do.

  10. How much money was being funded? he sounds like The doctor version of SBF with that much spending I would want the minder of the money to be very meticulous about how that money is being spent im positive if a money manager were to do that in a company they would be fired and thrown in prison.

  11. Why of all countries they chose to out source this dangerous endeavour to China…maybe to blame China if anything goes wrong! And that would mean Americans did that in very very bad faith!

  12. There was never any question that it came from the lab. The only reason that the truth was suppressed was because the research was partially funded by the US government! That's also the only reason that Fauci is not in jail.

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