Robby Soave: If Dems Can’t Figure Out Why Parents Hate CRT, Youngkin’s Win Is Just The Beginning

Robby Soave explains why critical race theory became central to Glenn Youngkin’s victory in Virginia.

Youngkin image courtesy of AP/Steve Helber

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  1. Can we just be less specific and teach kids philosophy instead? It helps disadvantaged kids catch up to their peers as they achieve better reading, writing, and math skills. Not teaching kids process oriented skills like critical thinking is what is wrong with American adults today— no “grown-up” seems to want to question the private insurance industry in the US.

  2. MSNBC to English dictionary:

    "Deadly insurection" Is an event that's over in a few hours where the only person who was killed is a member of the 'insurection'.

    "Summer of Love" is an event where armed people show up and block an area, delceare it to be autonomous and no longer part of the USA. Set up armed checkpoints. The even results in several shootings and death. Lasts for weeks.

  3. Most states have their curriculums online which outlines every course expectations and standards in detail. How come no one has ever shown this CRT curriculum people speak of that is supposed to be so pervasive in our schools. Show me some real examples.

  4. The media and social media are overblowing CRT bc it stirs emotions and gets clicks views outrage on both sides..mcallough lost bc he has the charisma of a dry brick 🧱 and policies are not popular..youngkin barely mentioned crt in the debate and even in the clip u mentioned showed.I wouldn’t vote for him but youngkin is just a traditional corporate ivy league low tax prolife no mandate republican not a marjory taylor green extremist and that’s what the people wanted

  5. Perhaps it's not quite correct to use the phrase "Critical Race Theory" to refer to the ideology of people like Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X. Kendi. But this "Diversity Equity & Inclusion" work is heavily inspired by CRT. Its proponents either need to propose a more appropriate name for their ideology, or shut up.

    You can't claim that your ideology has no name and is not being taught in schools, then also complain that it would be wrong to remove it from the school curriculum.

  6. 1. If people want to focus on the terrible things that one race has perpetrated (all races have done terrible things btw), shouldn’t they also devote equal time to the good, the amazing things that a race has done?

    2. If penalizing and convicting people for something someone in their family may commit generations from now sounds insane, why does having people pay the price for something their ancestors may or may not have done make sense now?

    3. Remember what the door mouse said…feed your head.

  7. Do these libs think we can not research Critical Race Theory and how it has mort in the last few years? The smoke screen of no CRT taught is insulting! When you use the principals of the ideology and assertions that whites are all racist oppressors is the underlining premise it is the proverbial "if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck", is just that. Reject being called a racist or wearing the White Supremist label.

  8. Once, again, it wasn’t the so-called threat of CRT (i.e., the true history as the results of restricted hand-outs, hand-ups and hand-me-downs to the dominate society) that had cost the Republican’s their W ~ and Democrat’s their L. Only, because the math, (via both sides) of the actual ballot count ~ that had been casted for Trump ~ still remain lower than that of the actual vote for Governor!
    However, that, in which no ones seems to be talking about ~ i.e.,THE BLACK VOTE seems to keep being over looked😩😷

  9. David Doel of the Rational National refuses to accept that CRT is even taught in k-12. I usually like him but lately his wokescold attitude has grown. And I don't like it. Calling people reactionary but then denying the thing they are reacting to.

    Being a leftist is extremely alienating when you aren't progressive.

  10. Your wrong CRT praxis is in our workplaces and schools.
    “Equity, inclusion and Diversity” uses CRT. It would not exist without it.
    People need to understand the connection between things like gender flag, BLM, CRT, etc.
    They all come from the same ideology and it would be easy to have on guests who know all about it.
    Come on! Your supposed to know more then us normal people.

  11. This is pure gaslighting

    CRT doesn't exist? Then goes on to discuss someone who literally studied it?

    Those of us unwise enough to choose liberal arts subjects at uni know exactly what this is, and know the corpus of academic work on this poison grows like a cancer every day its ignored

    CRT is hatred of whites…its that simple

  12. The Princple of Bipartisanship

    President Bid has consistently promoted the princple of bipartisanship. It is how things get done between two or more groups with differences of opinion. The "narrow view " of the princple is to work through differences between parties but it also works between factions within the same party. All groups deserve the same respect and consideration. America is a democracy in principle and not a dictatorship. President Bidden has been consistent.

  13. Why would a 6 yr old come home and ask her Mom if she were evil because she's white?? She was taught that in school that day. This actually happened! You can call it anything you want. I call it WRONG

  14. So when you better yourself you aren’t bettering the world?
    When that guy says people get better but the world doesn’t, that means regular people aren’t in charge.
    The elites still are.

  15. Ryan needs to take a 101 course in racial and gender conflict theory and Antonio Gramsci. DEI is just a backdoor way to institute quotas and engineer outcomes a la Marxism 101…but please pay no attention to the white male CEO making 100 million year (i.e. Jamie Dimon et al)

  16. It's not CRT it's the truth that folks hate. Nazi's hated the truth and lied on Jewish people and racist Americans hate blk folks and have been lying on us for darn near five hundred years, your ancestors have got to be proud and it will be wonderful that you all will be spending eternity with them.

  17. Just teaching honest history in the classroom would take care of this. George Washington was a brave warrior, great strategist and one of the founders of our country. But he also owned slaves, which was and is still barbaric. Both things are true so both things should be taught. And zero American Mythology should be taught.

  18. Pre vaccine covid WAS a threat to many teachers; leave it to a libertarian to ignore that part. Teachers dying for no reason clearly means less to you than consumer convenience. It's so nice to hear that from some twit who probably spent the worst of the pandemic playing video games.

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