Robby Soave: Kids FORCED To Wear Masks, Eat OUTSIDE While Adults Enjoy Freedom. This Is POINTLESS

Robby Soave makes the case against extensive COVID-19 measures for children.

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  1. What Robby was saying about age and risk is a bit oversimplified.

    It is true that risk is exponential with age, but if you break down each age group into with and without comorbidities, the exponent is higher for the comorbid, and the absolute risk is scaled much heavier for the comorbid.

    Based on the CDC's survey of Covid deaths by age from Feb 2021 through July 2021, people over 85 with no comorbidities had the same risk of dying with Covid in that 6-month period as comorbid people about 48 years of age. For the 85-plus group, the risk was 1 in 51 for the comorbid, and 1 in 3900 for the non-comorbid. Think about that; take a group of 3900 people over 85, who are not comorbid, and you could expect 1 to die with Covid in that six months. How many others would die without Covid? Quite a lot; so many, in fact, that perhaps the one that died with Covid was just a noisy association due to a PCR positive, and the person really died from something else. I would argue that age itself is probably fairly irrelevant, in those without comorbidities.

    Let's be clear about this; most of the comorbidity associated with those who do die is not health conditions that comes from aging itself; it comes from metabolic syndrome, a totally optional course for an aging person, highly determined by diet.

  2. We don't know if many things are harmful to children or pregnancy because to find out, we'd have to test on children or pregnant women… and until recently the risk of potentially harming a child or someone with child was not OK. I still don't think experimenting on them is OK.

  3. at 0.30 He Starts Complaining That In DC, NY, & CA The People CHOOSE To Continue To Wear Masks,
    Of Their Own Free Choice Without Mandates. He Wants To REMOVE Their Choice Because They Chose A Different Option ??

    Note: we are just being like our Asian American Neighbors, they've been wearing masks on public transport for decades

  4. Raping the kids mentaly by our dear officials and educators. Destroying their lives forever. And NO ONE will ever be found quilty or sentenced. Thanks to the coward parents who have no guts to stand up and fight for their inoncent, loved,little and guilty for nothing kids
    I will say shame on every parent who just comply and torture his kids without a fight. Don't blame someone else. It is your fault,parents.

  5. So children are being forced to eat outside in the winter to keep them from getting sick. So they will all get winter colds and the flu and when that happens they will have to go in quarantine because their cold or flu could be covid. . The teachers are responsible for these conditions because they do not want to do their job they have figured out they can work as little as possible and still get til pay . Modern teachers seem to genuinely dislike children.

  6. We don’t care about children. No investment in them . Dumbing down is rampant. Teach them about the corruption that is our government. Teach them not to be consumers ! Teach them about personal finances and to value nature …

  7. I am a public school kindergarten teacher, the masks we force kids to wear are GROSS and there is very little chance they actually prevent anything. I can't understand them when they are talking, they can't see my mouth to learn sounds or read words. None of it makes any sense at all.

  8. Covid-19 mitigation in the schools is less about its direct risk to children and more about the SPREAD of Covid that the children cause when they leave school. Nobody passes germs so proficiently as schoolchildren who give it to one another and then take it back home to family who take it back out to their respective schools, jobs, relatives, etc. and ultimately back out into the community and to those higher risk groups you referred to in the video. So the dominoes fall.
    Now, you tell me how to prevent this scenario without shutdowns, quarantines, or mask-vaccine mandates, and I'll be glad to entertain the notion. But, quite frankly, what's left other than joining into Donald Trump's laconic chorus of "They're dying … it is what it is" while his wife brazenly flaunts a coat the back of which is emblazoned "I Really Don't Care. Do U?"
    Is this your idea of a national health plan? Is being lackadaisical in the face of a national health crisis really the way to fight it?

  9. Because no one speaks for the children. My daughter's lunch was cut to 15 minutes at 130. The younger kids ate at 1045. So by 230, the young kids are starving.

  10. Because no one speaks for the children. My daughter's lunch was cut to 15 minutes at 130. The younger kids eat at 1045. So by 230, the young kids are starving. This change in eating habits is not healthy.
    Some families are terrified over covid and thats all they talk about. These are the ones that are being served. Not the other parents who do not believe in the gravity of covid, which I fall under, after learning co id has been sensationalized.

  11. Let’s STOP lying to ourselves. These mandates are totally absolutely unAmerican. The minute you realize that the sooner we can get rid of these leaders that don’t belong in our society.

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