Robby Soave: LEAKED Docs Reveal DHS Plotting To Criminalize MISINFORMATION Online

Robby Soave weighs in on new revelations that the Department of Homeland Security appears to be doubling down on its effort to curb free speech by influencing big tech platforms. #bigtech #freespeech #DHS

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  1. Robby: "I don't think Elon Musk is foolish; he's a savvy businessman."
    Well actually it is foolish to have humans living on Mars before humans even live in Antarctica, which is much more livable than Mars is. And "savvy businessman"? He's a physics and engineering guy, and he once publicly ridiculed "businessy things" as he put it. He's like Trump, a showman, not a real businessman.

  2. Funny how DOJ and DHS worked to block the Hunter Biden crime stories. And somehow that’s legal. Biden Harris. And the lying Democrats need to go!

  3. All Stores 900,000 Please Lower the price of all Brands of Military Equipment and Local for All Brands of DHS Products and Production Cost Now 900,000 That's Too Much $$$ 900,000 Now The Whole World 900,000 Now 🙏 🤲 🕍 🕌 ⛪ 🛕

  4. Can we all be honest here. Freedom of speech and purposeful lies are completely different. Juat like tou can't yell fire in a crowded movie theater for no reason. If misinformation is to be illegal then it must be applied to all political parties.

  5. I don't support Republicans but I guess Americans need to vote for them to stop Evilmocrats becoming a dictatorship regime holding to powers forever by accusing Republicans as white supremacists and danger to democracy!!!

  6. Robbie uses too many parenthetical statements. I had a hard time understanding what he was trying to say when he was saying government bad fortunately. Parentheticals are for academics. If you have a separate thought related to this one you want to bring up, save it till you're done making this point.

  7. I hate, I hate, I hate, I hate MISINFORMATION!!! All misinformation should be BANNED!!! It serves no purpose except to mislead and deceive, and does anyone actually want that?? If you apologize for the misinformation, then you are a threat to OUR DEMOCRACY!!!

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