Robby Soave: MASSIVE Covid Data Error Reveals Legacy Media’s HYPOCRISY On Misinformation

Robby Soave makes the case that legacy media outlets commit just as many fact errors as other platforms more regularly accused of spreading “misinformation.”

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  1. Not misinformation. It is political propaganda & BS . Deliberately inflating the covid-19 data gives the Democrats & Biden the mandates for masks, vaccines , school & business closings & firing of government employees that do not comply .People are fed up with the government , CDC & other officials in power that are pushing these LIES . Vote them out in 2022.

  2. WHAT????? If I think something else then MY HOLY FAULTLESS LEADERS then I am a RACIST?????

    I thought woke was getting out of hand in the Netherlands…..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. The mainstream media does nothing but lie, misinform and or promote propaganda. Facebook censors facts. There's a huge attempt to conceal facts while pushing and highlighting bogus news and evil agendas.

  4. Why does anybody read or listen to any of the "News" agencies? It's been shown that depending on your political beliefs…people choose companies that align with their beliefs, irrespective of fact and truth! News is supposed to be unbiased and factual. You shouldn't get to pick, choose and distort facts based on what you think people should know! That called Communism!

  5. She’s not a noobie and this wasn’t a mistake — it was intentionally, grossly false. She is a tool. And, everyone who says anything the far Left doesn’t like will be branded a racist. Where have we seen this before? She’s just angling for a key position with the Ministry of Truth.

  6. Break up is not the answer. But there is a difference between social media and mainstream media. Kim literally just touched on it while I'm typing; algorithms. There needs to be regulation on data usage and consent. We need social media but also we need to have more control over how artificial intelligence is applied to the media in application.

  7. Misinformation should be called out ALWAYS and there should be consequences to whomever does it. Unfortunately our justice system is not set up to handle this and there aren’t enough regulations in place (common sense, monetary and very public retraction accountability).

  8. Early training in honesty is missing in our society.. Children see the adults saying dishonest things to justify getting and doing whatever they want. Is it a wonder that people no longer have faith in our media as they lie, give opinion not news, and Create drama for ratings.. They need to produce facts Or be sanctioned and made to retract lies they spread.

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