Robby Soave: Medical Association Wants Doctors To Use Woke Jargon, Confuse, and Annoy Patients

Robby Soave breaks down why elites’ obsession with political correctness can actually end up hurting marginalized communities.

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  1. The problem here is that you are talking about it in terms of ideas but, it is really about "praxis". The radical left would like people to agree with them but, they usually can't win if they debate in terms of ideas. Instead, they get themselves put in charge of things and set up policies requiring people to use ridiculous language. Once people have to adopt the ridiculous language, the ideas attached to them are assumed without anyone having to argue about them. see also James Lindsay. Do Not Adopt The Ridiculous Language!!

  2. Many of us quit the AMA years ago when it became obvious the leaders were more interested in protecting their position than promoting Medicine. This is another example of caving to transient cultural causes than holding to long term truths. Most physicians, at this point, do not belong to the AMA.

  3. Ryan is full of …. Surgeons do the operation they know, on everyone. This has been shown multiple times in the past when the fear was that medicare (lowest payor) patients would get a lesser procedure compared to higher paying patients- the studies have shown this to be false. What physician would knowingly give lesser treatment to anyone? It opens them up to malpractice at a personal level and in time their practice would fail because of poor results.

  4. "Don't you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it."
    ~ George Orwell

  5. Only ONE person on this news cast with a thinking brain. Go KIM!!! Without you there, I would not be subscribed. BTW, I believe the two other people there with you have Velcro to secure their shoes, as I cannot believe they understand how to tie a knot.

  6. This reminds me of being a kid and needing to clean my room before I could hangout at a friend's house. I would make the bed, maybe move a few things around – either way, within in a few minutes the room looked clean enough to go outside and play with my friends.

    The Billionaire class just want to get back to playing with their friends so they moved a few words around to give us the "appearance" of progress, when in reality we are standing in a teenaged boy's still fairly messy room.

  7. Ryan, that isn't the solution… Hospitals can manipulate recurrence rates, but only by decreasing the average level of care, which is already becoming a problem for Medicare patients, because Medicare has a thousand ways to not pay. Government care patients aren't wanted by current system.

  8. What a fcking joke. We now have the sciences accepting this delusional ideology rather than logic and reasoning. We are heading into the dark ages people…

  9. I agreed with you up until the idea that we need more autonomy and expansion of nurse practitioners. I don't see how a nurse who does an extra year online is somehow given the same rights and privileges as a doctor going to four years of medical school after college and an additional minimum of three years residency. It's literally insane. Either doctors are wayyyy over trained, or NPs should not be qualified to practice independently.

  10. Omg Ryan’s analysis is awful. The disparity you see racially is because of the messed up health insurance industry. People who get health insurance at work is treated differently than Medicaid. The only thing structural is economic not racial. Good heavens.

  11. These so called WOKE leftists and associations always focus on trivial BS while ignoring real issues. If you look closely, they don't care about these people, they only want to appear morally superior.

  12. The problem with what Ryan is saying is that minority deaths and disparities aren't going to be fixed by new language while they might be fixed with more time with medical professionals like midwives and PAs.

  13. They are literally using a definition of the word instead of the word. Why would the AMA think that is better? And what is wrong with disabled or homeless as a descriptor anyway if it is accurate?

  14. I'm not comfortable with Grimm's take on Serena Williams. I would submit that if the doctor thought Serena Williams was " strong " it was because she was a world class athlete. Not because she was black.

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