Robby Soave: More ‘TWITTER FILES,’ Elon Musk Exposes Widespread BLACKLISTING of Conservatives

Robby Soave delves into the latest revelations of the “Twitter Files,” which show Twitter blacklists certain people, especially those who identify as politically conservative. #Twitterfiles #ElonMusk #cersorship #conservatives

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  1. Batya, come on a US election result was impacted by withholding legitimate information, which the FBI knew was legitimate and asked for it to be removed/banned. If that is not a violation, bordering on criminal, I don't know what is.

  2. Yes they are a private company, but most private companies aren't protected by Section 230, and if a company demand S230 protections it should respect free speech. You can't have it both ways.

  3. OMG, please stop with this drivel from Batya!
    Oh Batya, my dear.
    Please sit down honey before you faint…
    The CIA is way worse than ISIS could ever dream of being especially when the CIA aligned with ISIL and ISIS versus Syria and Assad per Secretary of State: John Kerry.
    Secondly, Trump assassinated the person who was the most successful fighter against ISIS!
    Qassem Soleimani!
    So crippling ISIS is not top of the CIA agenda especially considering they sold them the weapons the CIA stole from Gaddafi.
    Next, the Obama government also ordered Twitter to reschedule maintenance as far back as 2009 to try help an Arab spring in Iran catch fire.
    That's not respecting sovereignty. That's meddling.
    Weird how no Arab spring took place in any of the countries which are allied with the USA, like Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE. Must be a coincidence, right.
    Anyway back to free speech on Twitter.
    As mentioned by other please get some actual free speech advocates on the show, like Glenn Greenwald, Nick Cruse from Revolutionary Blackout Network, Garland Nixon, Michael Tracy, Aaron Mate, Katie Halper (oh wait, Rising fired her for free speech about Palestinians),
    Matt Taibbi, Jimmy Dore, Richard Medhurst, George Galloway, Briahna Joy Grey, even Kyle Kulinski if none of the others are available.

  4. Notice how this thread is headlined?? A conspiracy against Conservatives. Clickbait??

    Batya defends the FBI. As a fascist this is 100% expected. On the other side is Robbie, a "free market", anti-government Libertarian who the thinks the "government " is up to no good by forcing FB/Twitter to violate our 1st Amendment. Authoritarians vs Conspiracy theorists.

    Where were these people when King Trumpo was POTUS?? Oh, he's a conservative. Never mind… Nothing here to see. Move along….

  5. After being gone from rising for a while, I decided to drop into rising to see what they had to say about Elon and Twitter. Yep, Batya reminded me why I left. See ya.

  6. No court is going to rule against Twitter or big Tech on this issue. Elon is going broke right now so Twitter may not even exist in a year or two from now.

  7. BAKER ( who led the FBI during the Democrat Party's RussiaGate hoax which was designed to take down President Trump) leaves the FBI and joins Twitter months before the Election ! WHY? Previous to me and many others. Fascism/police state now in the USA.

  8. The Hill is super late in reporting on the Twitter Files.
    This segment is about part 2 of the Twitter Files while the rest of the world is already on part 5.

  9. Can we leave the 1st amendment stuff out of this?
    And can we try to remember that this is bigger than just Twitter?
    Wouldn't know any of this if Musk hadn't insisted on the release of this information…don't see any of the othe social media companies offering up internal documents to prove they are working fairly?
    Governments around the world either ban social media altogether or collude and collaborate with governments to crush dissent and political opposition.


  10. This was revealing. The government obviously uses the same tactics with The Hill head offices as they did at Twitter. These 2 are yo'yoing between for and against online censorship in an attempt not to suggest that companies like theirs should be told what to say by the government unless it involves harm. Maybe if we looked into the conversations at The Hill we would find a government official suggesting they should remove a host that would constantly push back against mandates during the first year of the pandemic. You don't censor period. In the end the correct person is correct and the wrong person is wrong, with plenty of evidence in public to prove each side.

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