Robby Soave: MSM Admits HISTORIC Math & Reading DECLINE Due To Pandemic Shutdowns

Robby Soave argues that pandemic school closures are actually to blame for disruptions in math and reading education, not Covid-19 itself. #Covid #Pandemic #SchoolClosures #Education

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  1. Bri, you did a great job of making the argument that no one (including the teachers unions and Democratic politicians) wants to make today. Namely, that the decisions on opening the school were not as easy to make as everyone today makes them out to be. Your WW II analogy was quite powerful.

  2. Huh, you mean teachers teaching through screens to kids at home is not as effective as teachers in the classroom? Huh? Who would’ve thunk it?🤦‍♂️ BTW my public school I work at increased scores despite all the setbacks. Only school in the district to improve and apart of the a union. I don’t get why Robbie is so anti teacher union. It was the administration that made the decisions in my district, the union didn’t have a say. Also our district tried at first to allow some teachers to stay home and some go to work, it was a logistical nightmare, and deemed impossible. We were told he had to go home, then had to teach in a hybrid model. Now that decisions that were unpopular were made, the union was blamed and most schools did what we did. Listen to the superintendent.

  3. BRIANA is making the gross assumption that their "science" concerning transmission is correct…it was gravely wrong and it was known from the beginning….yes….waaay before the dumb vaccines came out…one only needs to look at the states where schools were not shutdown at all…yes people were scared because of the crazy fearmongering from their own tribe….they were hoodwinked…misled and exploited…

  4. well another F for the great shill Bri. Doggone it Bri youre a skilled journalist, WHEN you choose to be. And NO its not a "regardless" thing to use inflated stats or wave off checking when met w/ skepticism. Youre the one pushing revisionist history, vaccines barely worked at all. Be honest Bri, otherwise youre just a knock off MSM hack online.

  5. my personal mistrust around the whole issue extends to the data publicly available….the best real picture has to be got or confirmed from behind-the-scene glimpses….would they lie ?…more like, why would they stop now ?

    it's almost as if the leaders who crafted the pandemic response are incapable of simple technical execution but scramble for whatever angles and juice are to be had

  6. Love bri! Love her points. Her points are all on point. It's not like they did it all right, that's for sure. But the stuff robbie brings up about bringing in younger teachers, bc I could also see that lowering their reading and math levels as well. Many people I know lost parents to covid. It sucks that this happened. We need to fix our public school systems regardless of what covid did.

  7. Bri seems incredibly defensive of "the left", here. It's not just academic skills that were severely impacted but mental health. I'd love for her to see what me and my co-workers see at the kid's hospital I work at. The rise in admissions for suicide attempts, overdoses, severe eating disorders, psychosis, it's unlike anything I've seen in my 20 years in the field. It's frightening and heart-breaking.

    The youth mental health crisis started in 2013 due to parental coddling and rising social media use (see J Twenge/J Haidt's research, leaders in the field). The insane pandemic policies of keeping schools closed, preventing kids from socializing, shutting down services for kids with developmental conditions (so many kids on the autism spectrum ending up in hospital too, their mental health having deteriorated so badly), these made the crisis so much worse. The policies were just more of the hysterical overprotection and coddling (also called safteyism), which is much more perpetuated and pervasive on the left.

    Just look at the cities with the harshest pandemic policies for kids (NYC/LA/SF) and how they are seeing the worst rises in youth hospital admissions re: mental health. That's where you are also likely to find the teachers and parents who are most neurotic, consuming the most fear-mongering from mainstream news… The NYT has been caught grossly exaggerating covid stats re: kids at least 5 times that I am aware of. Sorry, Bri, but the left needs a lot more instrospection re: how their culture is harming youth mental health. It needs to stop.

    All of the smug, self-satisfied liberal parents/teachers are pretending they are acting in the interest of kids. Anyone who has been around these people knows that it's not about kids, it's about virtue signalling at their cocktail parties or on social media. They are petrified of being seen as a bad person and their kids are paying the price. The invitation is always open, Bri. You can come and see or even just hear about what youth are going through. Youth mental health services have never been more strained, and we've never seen this type of suffering among youth… Time for some big discussions but I know that leftists would rather be called racist than admit to their part in perpetuating the harm resulting from this coddling culture and from social media.

  8. Has Bri seen how Nordic countries handled this pandemic re: children? Schools closures were incredibly short and they did not see any increases in kids being affected or transmitting the virus. Speaking of historical revisionism, is Bri trying to imply that we didn't have the research showing kids to be at low risk until well into 2021? It was known as early as Summer 2020. It's a horrible look for Bri to obfuscate and try to reframe the conversation. Democrats will only make things worse for themselves, and worse for youth mental health if they avoid admitting the mistake. The way these policies affected mental health is the real crisis and tragedy here, not just their academic performance and social skills. Way to go Bri, derailing a very, very important conversation.

  9. How is it that so many intelligent people on the left are so unwilling to face the facts? Zuby said it in a great way – he said how strange it has been that when faced with actual data, people have wanted something much worse to be true. In the left clinging to their fears around the coronavirus and believing all the propaganda, they created a nightmare that will have repercussions on everyone's mental health and key freedoms for decades – and children are inheriting the worst of it. And I have yet to hear one of them be self-reflective about it.

  10. This is bull…the decline has been ongoing…these figures are masking a continuous drop in all the primary areas of education, having been displaced by socialist indoctrination from the teachers being indoctrinated themselves to the students. These figures are just convenient now to get the children back under the control of The PUBLIC EDUCATION INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX! Get your children out of the system and be responsible for their education.

  11. That lady glossed over death stats for children being challenged. Truth is nowhere near the deaths she is saying.She is so brainwashed with the fear mongerers and vaxx pushers. The evidence of transmission in the vaxx is higher now so….also the argument to get vaxx was to 90 percent stop transmission. How's that scientific argument working out for ya? 🤔 Home school is now becoming the only way forward. Protect the kids from the "treatment" also.

  12. Robby acts like teachers unions wanted schools closed just cause. The response was wrong and zero COVID was an unattainable goal, but many teachers died and kids had low risk but not necessarily their parents.

  13. Breohna still thinks 17000 kids died "from covid"? This was disproven the day the statement was made. Yet Breohna never double-checks statements that she likes.

    Kids died "WITH COVID", and FROM car accidents, the flu, RSV, cancer, suicide, and drug overdoses.

  14. talk about “revisionist history” bri! many parts of europe had kids back in school the summer of 2020. teachers just think they’re special even tho every other “essential” worker was back to in person work in a month. bro defending the honor of some of the most corrupt people in this country. sad

  15. I made dog food during the pandemic. If I was an essential worker why wouldn't teachers be essential workers? Is dog food production more important than education? wow

  16. The reason schools stayed closed is because the teachers wanted it that way. Imagine drawing full pay for staying at home all day and conducting faux teaching on zoom. Don’t even have to get dressed, no commutes, and the zoom stuff took virtually no effort.

  17. Can’t wait to hear Brianna defend her mask wearing fears…
    Wow, she definitely did a tap dance while we in Healthcare (essential workers) were disposable…yet we showed up. Brianna hates be wrong but as a lawyer, you must expect lies and ego to lead the narrative.

  18. Too funny…she still wears a mask watchin tv on her own. Completely delusional when it comes to facts. Fascinating I must say…I get it that they've made real data incredibly hard to get our hands on. But obviously that was done to mislead people just like this staunch Democrat womin.

  19. Both of these guys are wrong in many ways. Teachers were already overworked, underpaid, and in many cases older, unhealthy, etc. The only way this could have been dealt with is to actually have a society that prepares for emergencies beforehand, like implementing universal virtual learning or other precautions well in advance.

  20. Bri Sotomayor is spreading COVID misinformation about children.

    I think a big point here is that no one is admitting that the closures were wrong. It's an appeal to feelings. "I was scared, because children were dying." In light of all that we know, Robby is pointing out that school closures were wrong. Why not concede the point, and say "That was wrong." I can't stand the prideful nature of people sometimes on this issue.

  21. According to the CDC US Covid deaths of children 0-18 are 1430 as of August, so unless 16000 have died in the last week BJG is literally just making up numbers…

  22. Have you been to a parent/teachers meeting in last twenty years? Education in US does not educate, it indoctrinates. It's not math and reading, it's technology and capitalism. We're making robots; who needs thinkers? You know, Robby – the American Way.
    COVID… ha!
    And no, it's not "teachers" fault.

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