Robby Soave: MSM Circulates FALSE Story, Fact Check FAILURE Hurts The Case For Vaccines

Robby Soave explains how a recent Rolling Stone article shows the mainstream media’s coastal liberal bias.

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  1. Its not an absence of competence – its an absence of accountability for spreading false information.

    Unlike doctors, lawyers or even plumbers can be sued for brazen acts of incompetence – Journalists are not held to ANY standards, due to the First Ammendment.

  2. First, I am an M.D. and sadly, the viewers need to know that there still is no COVID vaccine approved and clear up Ryan's and the CNN station's misinformation. The 3 vaccines are NOT "approved" and are still only "approved" under the Emergency Use Authorization="EUA" ..The CDC recent "vote" only 'approved' Pfizer's FUTURE COVID vaccine called Comernaty… Comernaty has NOT EVEN BEEN MADE YET. It does not exist yet and is not on the market yet… Comernaty has also changed its own formula and added/switched 20% of the ingredients and refuses to reveal this "proprietary" ingredient.LOOK IT UP . The 5 second CDC website search would show the many "contraindications" ( medical reasons to NOT get the vaccine)…Unless the CDC has removed their own long list..

  3. Seriously? You sure that the calls to the poison center are not from people worried from the media fear mongering, wondering if their family members are doing harm? Not sure about these overdoses. I have heard some attempted suicide cases using Ivermectin. No one died. This drug has an excellent safety profile. Approximately 4 billion doses have been given to date. It has a proven safety record.

    I am not sure these guys are any better at doing research than most of the other media outlets. I like The Highwire, as they give a link to every bit of science they talk about and do not tell me what to think.

  4. We HAVE NO Investigative Reporters anymore
    We ONLY have Leftwing Democrat Activists

  5. Rolling Stones doesnt know the difference between an elbow and an A$$. they always think they know who is the best Guitarist, Drummer, or Singer but they know Jack and Sh*t and Jack left town about an hour ago.

  6. There will be a day where people will understand that these people are paid to lie to you and call it news! Their actions are based off allegiances. Some of yall get my meaning. And many will not…

  7. Wooooooow. They are shutting her out now. Why don't you guys bring on Dr. Robert Malone while you're at it. Not just a one sided doctor because there are plenty of them out there.

  8. the real story is how the establishment, the insurance companies, the pharmacies, and the medical societies, have made it almost impossible for you to get ivermectin prescribed by a doctor so people turn to other sources. no one is looking out for the patient regardless of the claim

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