Robby Soave: NEW Study Finds That School Mask Mandates Made Little Difference

Robby Soave reacts to the dropping of in-school mask mandates in Washington, D.C.

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  1. mmm welcome to the club finally robby… heres your membership card and a fruit basket full of disappointment… one of us one of us one of us

  2. Maybe they're just hiding their faces. Sometimes people can get plastic surgeries that might be better covered up as a reason. Also, as we have learned with masking, you don't need to beat your face too much to get it ready for "the world". I personally think it covers up my slobber and sleeping face when on planes 🙂 I have always thought the government thinks the US population is too oogly, thus covering their faces will make it easier when looking at its people, especially children, they some oogly things that need their faces covered! Makes it easier to do things to them when they only have puppy eyes but not the rest of their faces for us to deal with :p

  3. Keep at it Robbie. I will NEVER forget. Ridiculous mask mandates that are STILL in place in some places, a full year after we knew better. And despite proof that they did NOTHING in schools, EVEN during Delta. Disgusting.

  4. I am a teacher in Thailand. We are required to wear our masks at all times at school, though they have finally let them not wear them for outdoor PE. We are also required to wear them whenever we are out in public, whether indoor or outdoor There is a fine if you don't. Also, your school will be closed by the gov't if you don't require masks all day. Yes, we wear masks outdoors for pollution for certain months of the year. These are the N95 masks that we all immediately whip off once indoors with the air purifiers on. By the way, all the classrooms at school have air purifiers going. The one plus about my unvaccinated status keeping me from being allowed to actually go to school in person is that I don't have to wear a mask when teaching from my computer. And yes, I will be losing my job after this year due to being unvaccinated by gov't regulations. Natural immunity is not even talked about.

  5. Let's pick one non peer reviewed study that supports my existing belief system to highlight. This is an argument to make but such shallow legs is just as irresponsible as other main stream media

  6. People in Asia may wear masks when they have the flu or something to not spread it to others. Not everyone does this but in some circles that is considered basic manners. Also for allergies, pollution or some people actually wear them to be anti-social / avoid people bothering them. It's just accepted that some people may wear them and over time people don't consider it that weird.

  7. This is not peer reviewed…which means this is propaganda not fact…just like the Ivermectin papers that were retracted…you guys need to stop feeding this bs to your followers.

  8. Masks for Americans are like pacifiers for babies. They bring comfort but no substantive value.

    Meanwhile can someone actually test masks. Masks are filters, filters can be tested to see how much of a particular molecule is allowed through. My guess is for air born virus like Covid, masks filter out next to nothing. But forget my guessing why has no one published results of this relatively simple test???


  10. Only certified particulate masks work for dust and pollution. If you are wearing a doctors mask or a cloth mask they do nothing. You need to have a perfect seal around your face to stop extremely small particles from being inhaled and a series of filters to trap pollutants. People are fearful, miss-informed and dangerous. Fear is the best weapon of the powerful. Even these intelligent speakers are woefully miss informed about why masks don’t work and about vaccines actually prolonging the plandememic.

  11. they get off on their masks. it is like a talisman for the woke left "liberals" which will soon be replaced with a Ukranian flag on a shirt, because they of sanctimonius, selective indignance. I swear… sometimes I want a deadly pandemic that attack the people with spines like fish sticks 😡

  12. The machine can never be wrong – these restrictions were clearly never about health or “science” – always about control and there were some of us who knew this over two years ago – Grimm and Robbie did not – their opinions have been based on fear – and that’s why they took the jab

  13. Just an FYI-Asian folks were wearing masks almost entirely bc of pollution. It’s also a cultural “politeness” thing. It has never been bc masks had some sort proven disease protection: no they aren’t idiots but they also live under totalitarian comply or suffer the consequences kind of government. Not good bench mark for mask wearing. Or even comparable really.

  14. My 3 musketeers! now you need to be brave and ask WHY covid is not prevalent in non dairy countries. It is not about mask a cloth over your face does not stop the virus period. We all heard the stories high dairy intake leads to lung congestion. Good luck amd this tweet will self destruct in 10 seconds.

  15. In my experience, movie theaters are still keeping mask requirements, and I've heard of at least one that's still limiting capacity. For whatever reason, movie theaters have been some of the strictest businesses even though there doesn't seem to have been any significant spread there.

  16. I predicted ALL OF THIS! If you discussed this with me in March 2020 you would have argued with me about needing masks. You would have said, “but the droplets!” and I would have said, baloney! Viruses don’t get transmitted that way. They haven’t been for thousands of years. “That’s not science.”

  17. The response to the pandemic has been political from the beginning. Science has been ignored. Common sense tells us that masks are virtually useless in preventing the transmission of a virus.

  18. I watched a talk in Canadian Congress recently about going maskless in their schools.
    The debate mentioned the need for children to be able understand the said word without obstruction.
    The cruel irony was this discussion took place in a room full of political types not wearing masks.
    I think that may describe crazy?

  19. the data has proved this for at least 1 year, but i appreciate having even more evidence. too bad data and facts aren't nearly as powerful to parents as much as peer pressure

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