Robby Soave On Twitter Files: Dems DEMANDED Censorship of Critical Accounts; CRICKETS from the MSM

Robby Soave comments on the Twitter Files exposé that the media widely ignored instances where left-leaning politicians tried to pressure Twitter into censoring information they found unfavorable. #twitterfiles #twitter #trump

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  1. If Matt found nothing but censorship stemming from the right Bri wouldn’t be this upset that he didn’t find censorship stemming from the left. Partisan hack much.

  2. Robbie, I like you quick and to the point radars. But you leave WAY too much time for Bri to bloviate. When’s she’s the co-host you need to have a radar that leaves her only seconds to respond like her radars do.

  3. Brianna can't you understand there was only a few things coming from the trump side and when they were asked they were refused from the other side it was non stop left and right barrage of b***** so don't start stop it

  4. He never said there was evidence he said there was requests that he heard about but never found the proof because there isn't any they refused to do it hello if they had it you don't think they'd run out there and showed everybody they would

  5. Brianna, you are being ridiculous about this Twitter files stuff.
    Obviously, the overwelming majority of censorship requests came from people ideologically aligne with the left.
    The fact seem to confirm this. Deal with it.

  6. Or, Brie, Taibi put a place mark there to keep looking for Trump requests as the expose continues… Bri's claims are just as 'reckless', or moreover, as she has little evidence. Matt saying he heard but did not see was saying there could be more, was not ruling it out. Bri is doing her framing, strongly, on a point that is reasonable and alreafy partly addressed.

  7. The difference is Trump’s request was to take down tweets that were a violation of twitters rules as the witness confirmed in that clip. Teigen’s tweets were taken down bc of their 3 insult rule, apparently.

    The FBI was asking for right leaning tweets to be censored or visibility filtered that were not in violation of any trust and safety guidelines.

  8. Yes but there were at least 4 journalists combing thru millions of tweets. Each one chose a separate cache of tweets, its not as tho Taibbi is misleading, there were many different stacks. Taibbi is looking thru a stack, Weiss another , Schellenberger another, Bri can ask the other journalists about the tweets they are combing thru. Taibbi has addressed this question on several different occasions. Also what Taibbi calls left is more accurately known as corporate Dems, not exactly a left organization.

  9. Bri at 5:16 is one of the dumbest things she has said regarding the Twitter files. Summarizing, "If Matt Taibbi had reframed the twitter files, there would have been more traction by the mainstream media". Were you listening at all to Robbie's radar. The mainstream media jumped on the Twitter files as soon as it fit the narrative, which means they new what was happening and were not reporting on it until it fit their cause. This is not a gotcha on the journalist. The journalists were not making claims about who was being censored, they were just showing what they found.

  10. The real censorship was surrounding anti-war, Co-vid vax VAERS, mandates, Syrian occupation, Ukraine Azov, Maidan coup, lots of censorship and CSpan aired the house hearings where social platforms were threatened with breaking up these companieis if they didn't censor more, AOC was at the front of the line to push for more censorship suggesting insults are violence, even now she says that R's in the current house hearings are too close to intimidating the former heads of Twitter, Roth and Gatte, by asking questions, re censoring speech about the H.Biden laptop and his work at Burisma, influence peddling etc.

  11. Bri's argument is dumb. Since Matt couldn't find a needle in the haystack, Bri says there should have been a followup report that explains how hard it is to find a needle in a haystack.

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