Robby Soave: Russian Composer Tchaikovsky CANCELLED 100+ Years After Death, This Xenophobia Must END

Robby Soave denounces Russophobia after the Cardiff Philharmonic Orchestra cancelled a concert featuring the music of 18th century composer, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

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  1. So they're hating on anything Russia? This polite proper left woke who pretends not to be good with hate? It teaches stupidity, to strike down anything you dont agree with. It's insane and out of hand. Like Mcdonalds and netflicks bowing out of Russia to show they disagree. Why is it their business? Why do they need to agree or disagree when they are blody selling burgers and t.v? Why? Like they matter? Power trippin' insanity.Make it stop.
    Bella L

  2. Why stop there??…do to the Russians what the Americans did to the Japanese living in the US after Pearl Harbor. Arrest them without charge and throw them in concentration camps!!…just like any good decent democracy would! How pathetic!

  3. Dostoevsky has been banned at one of the universities in Milan. I can't say that he's my favourite writer but his works are the world's cultural heritage. Who will be next? Tolstoy? Chekhov ? Rachmaninoff?

  4. It boggles the mind as to how a small mass of totally ignorant people can influence a larger mass of supposedly intelligent sentient beings. Knowing the complicated history of the region can enlighten some but not all. The back and forth battle between the people of the area referenced has been almost never ending.

  5. Yes, that orchestra should go some group psychiatric therapy, I hope it will help, otherwise they should practice deep yoga breathing for at least and hour every day. It helps too and you don't have to pay anybody.

  6. Are there any two things more opposite than music and political analysis? No surprise that a political analyst just cannot THINK OF why certain music just FEELS like it glorifies Russian militarism.

  7. Yes! In that case, I don't understand at all. How can this particular composer be banned in the West? The one who did this has not yet been muzzled?)) Where is your tolerance? (trolling)

  8. Actually, many if not most Russians are not white, or not 100% white. Russia was invaded repeatedly by eastern peoples, especially the Mongols in the 13th century and after, and Russians today often have an Asiatic gene profile.
    So, Woke people, don't criticize Russians. Thanks to Genghis Khan, they're actually Asians and "people of color."

  9. I specialised in Russian history for my last 2 years of school. I read Russian 19th and 20th century on my own. I have listened to Russian music all my life. I have examined the works of Russian painters. I am not about to cancel such seminal acquaintance with another culture.

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