Robby Soave: The ACLU’s Hypocrisy On Vax Mandates Will HURT Civil Liberties & Empower Covid TYRANTS

Robby Soave criticizes the ACLU’s stance on COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

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  1. She doesn't feel "completely safe" in a restaurant cuz of ….. Covid. Smdfh! These people are not acting at all like this covid cough has a 98-99 percent survival rate!!!!!!!

  2. Robbie…… it is an embarrassment you are so uninformed. Corporate controlled media is fully exposed propaganda and you don’t know it? Do we need a more jaundiced eye looking at you and The Hill?

  3. Robbie "Dr. Malone and other anti-vax cranks who gathered in DC…"

    Dr. Malone is an anti-vax crank? Is there anywhere to get news that isn't massaging The Narrative??

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