Robby Soave: Twitter Files Reveal FBI Paid 3.4M BRIBE, Wanted JOKES Censored

Robby Soave delves into the latest “Twitter Files” published, this round focusing on the FBI’s role in suppressing content that it doesn’t like or that is unfavorable to the government. #twitterfiles #twitter #fbi

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  1. So, your saying Trump should have done something about it. Pretty bold statement considering we're just hearing about this now so how can you assume Trump even knew the FBI was screwing him? Did anyone tell him? Big question is who knew? Do some real journalistic investigation. This is where logic should kick in, smarten up, bad reporting Robbie.

  2. You must take into context a couple of other things while reporting this. Remember Chuck Schumer in an interview to one of the MSM saying about the Intelligence Agencies- you come at them one way, and they will come after you 7 ways" and then Remember that article from THE TIME? they were cocksure they would never be exposed and arrogantly publicized what they did to keep Trump out. Should tell you a lot about what they have hidden that they desperately don't want to be found out.

  3. So when will we see an independent investigation of the FBI payment to Twitter and prosecution of individuals responsible!! Also investigate Google and Facebook for FBI collusion of the first amendment!!!

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