Robby Soave: Virginia Governor’s Race Is All About Schools, And That’s Bad News For McAuliffe

Robby Soave gives his postmortem analysis of Terry McAuliffe and Glenn Youngkin’s campaigns for Virginia governor.

Glenn Youngkin Thumbnail image courtesy of Associated Press/Steve Helber. former Gov. Terry McAuliffe Thumbnail image courtesy of Associated Press/Steve Helber.

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  1. McAuliffe insisted during a debate that he does not think parents should have any say or input whatsoever regarding what their children are taught in public schools. And this is what the election is about. The day after the debate he lost 7+ percentage points.

  2. lol these CRT race hustlers actively teach that things like logic, timeliness, hard work, etc., are white characteristics. They're the ones contributing to the further entrenchment of those stereotypes.

  3. Ryan has a good point. Look up equity theory that is the point. Not the social equity stuff but the actual psychological equity theory where when a person feels they have something undeservingly they will sub-consciously try to equal it out. It is a known psychological reaction. It is a natural human instinct. I refuse to tell my children that they have some sort of intangible life advantage. What would be the point in that, just have my children not try as hard as they possibly can. It is a poisonous ideology that needs to be taken out of all schools.

  4. CRT in K through 12 is ill conceived. To understand and truly appreciate the brilliance Michelle Alexander's The New Jim Crow, for example, a person has to be well-versed in history, political science, ethics, and most of all have some notion of applied probability theory. This is beyond a typical college freshman. Maybe some well-read high school juniors and seniors can appreciate it — maybe. Do all their teachers understand it?

    So, what are they encouraging? Memorizing SLOGANS? (As long as they're the "right" slogans?) Posturing? Showing off approved attitudes? A disgrace all around.

  5. Ryan repeats his words too much, it is a bit frustrating to listen to from a newscaster. Yeah I want to turn away as it is not pleasant to listen to when he speaks… too much "like like… " "becoming ah becoming…" too much

  6. Andrew Torba(Gab)

    We are all being PSYOP'ed again by the people who control the outcomes of elections. It's no coincidence that establishment controlled "Republican" candidates "sweep" a blue state the day before the first anniversary of the most rigged election in US History. They want you to forget. They want people talking about Virginia tomorrow. Not what happened in Arizona, PA, and so many other states one year ago tomorrow.

  7. They say CRT being taught in schools is made up, but our local school board official posted a pic with a CRT book saying he was just “reading it to educate himself more on the topic for his Masters degree”

  8. Ryan telling lies again: no one was told they could not wear masks. If you wanted your kid to wear a mask, they could certainly wear a mask and no one was going to criticize them for this. On the other hand, the communist democrat party made it mandatory to wear masks or be punished. Please cut Ryan! He is ignorant and should not be reporting anything.

  9. I doubt FOX news would complain about American hero’s. Democrats and leftists rule our school system, so why have they not introduced what Ryan low balled at the end? Again, he falsely implies conservatives and conservative media would be opposed to implementing this type of education. Instead what we get from leftist Democrat Communists is teaching hate and division.

  10. No Robby. Its not just schools. Its that democrats promise to bail out workers and never do. But they have zero problem bailing out corps or spending money on war.

    Crying about Trump doesnt cut it.

  11. The election seemed to pit the value if bigotry and woeful ignorance against the importance of parents role in their children's education. Parents won, woeful ignorance lost.

  12. In California, the LA Teacher's Union made demands like a ban on charter schools and defunding the police in order to open schools. Nothing that had to do with COVID. Also, schools were closed based on number of COVID cases. It turns out that the tests that they were given (hundereds of thousands in LA) could not tell the difference from one virus over another so all virus was counted as COVID. I listened to school board meetings. 7 out of 10 teachers sent in letters to the board that they did not want to do in-person learning. Even in August when many private and charter schools had found a way to safely open and the CDC said that they could, the public schools stayed closed (did DL). I listened to another school board meeting on ZOOM. One member said that many children were failing on DL, and one student commit suicide. Another one, smiled and said, "We are still getting paid." That's right. Newsom was (and probably still is) paying them based on 2019 enrollment. There were many things that Newsom did that abused his power. He was even found in court to have abused his power. I have a disabled grandson. I spoke to an attorney. The attorney said that children do still have legal rights, even during a pandemic. That is something that the Teacher's Union and Newsom ignored. Also, during lockdowns, child abuse rates rose 1500%, child suicide increased, child hunger increased, child homelessness increased, child mental health declined all around the globe. And, to top it off, I know parents who were not only going to work, but were also expected to help their children with DL school! Yes. There is some feeling of anger. We will forgive, but we will not forget. Another thorn, was that we were told that we were doing this to protect the seniors, but we saw on the news that the casinos opened, and many seniors were lined up to go to them. The political games caused huge negative impacts on the most vulnerable population and they are still. Now, most media (not this one) is brought to you by Pfizer and Fauci. Both are unethical and put profit and power ahead of human well-being. There is no pharma liability for vaccines, either.

  13. Soave is an educated person and it's ridiculous to see him continually act as if he dooesn't know CRT has nothing to do with making white people feel shame or telling black people that they don't measure up. Stop lying, start talking about what it is and isn't. And place blame where it belongs, the media. Start doing it right and stop complaining about the problem as if you're not adding to it.

  14. I've yet to read or hear of any examples of children being taught CRT. ZERO examples. All the hoopla is simply a way to rile up the base using the Southern Strategy. CRT is nearly 40 years old.

  15. CRT has been shifted to white people feelings, because accountability hit them in the face and got hurt. Here is an example, still waiting when I don’t have to explain why the Atlanta Braves fake war cry and tomahawk chop is racist. Now it’s not completely the fans fault because the Braves owners are to blame, but the fans perpetuate it and defend these racist traditions. So at some point we have to be critical why it takes so much energy to get an ally.

  16. Why is history of race in America always portrayed as a white v. black thing? I learned absolutely nothing about the Native Americans in the region I grew up in, or the 10,000+ years of history involving them, or why they "disappeared". There was zero Asian American history in my US history classes despite Filipinos first arriving in California in 1587. This is why Americans had amnesia about the long history of race-based immigration laws and race-based incarceration. And with over 500 years of Hispanic culture in the United States, why is it always taught as something "foreign"? Why don't we embrace it as quintessentially "American"?

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