Robby Soave: Woke Professor Wishes ‘EXCRUCIATING’ Pain On Queen Elizabeth II In Royally Bad Tweet

“In the wake of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, people have voiced their opinions – both in defense of and against – the British empire. Robby Soave argues against censoring controversial viewpoints on social media platforms. #freespeech #censorship #socialmedia #queenelizabeth

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  1. So, first off, this is absolutely not a story about generational guilt. I did a cursory googling to figure out what this professor was so cheesed off about, and turns out she's of Nigerian origin. Again, two seconds of typing and I'm learning about Nigeria's "decolonization" period in the 1960s… coups, genocidal massacres, counter-massacres, secessionism, the systematic starvation of millions, all while good ol' Lizzie is the ostensible head of state of both Nigeria, which is doing the whole "starving a population into submission" thing, and Great Britain, who is backing the Nigerian government up with arms and financial support.

    Given the context, I think a more interesting and valuable discussion than whether or not you should say mean things on Twitter, could have been, did Elizabeth bear any moral responsibility for the actions of governments that operated, literally, in her name, or does the modern UK convention of a non-activist monarch and Parliamentary supremacy insulate her from culpability? Also, at what point does decorum and convention become trumped by human emmiseration, and at what point should a monarch become activist, even if just by calling for an end to the violence that wracked her "dominions"?

  2. You guys focus on the “existential threat posed by wokeness” and routinely downplay and whitewash the real and on going existential threat posed by nationalist/autocratic politicians and groups that are part of the MAGA movement….The attempted overthrow of our Presidential election (a failed coup) and the on-going threat to national security posed by the seditious and self serving 45th are the real threat….You and your editorial are on the wrong side of history….

  3. To this so-called "professor": I wish you the same, only longer.
    As for "thieving, raping, genocidal," one only needs to look at some African countries and American cities like Chicago and Washington, D.C. to see how innocent you are.

  4. I do love it when Americans fulminate about the evils of colonialism and imperialism lol. You might want to check out a map of what America was in 1800 and what it was in 1900, pretty sure all that extra land had people in it who weren't ecstatic being 'liberated' by the yanks.

  5. She is England's hero because she built her country's prosperity on the blood, sweat, tears, and countless death of the Natives of the regions HER kingdom invaded, pillaged and ransacked. She did not create the kingdom but she CHOSE to continue it. Any royal can chose to end monarchy at any given. So Robby, your beloved hero and inspirational figure is also other people's villain and oppressor.

  6. This is an example of the "Alternative" media or "new" media, whatever you want to call the Youtube/online sphere, acting like the mainstream media they claim to be against acting like. I have seen this story across the YT media world and it blows my mind that they find 1 professor in some 2nd Teir school make that comment and then use it to paint whatever picture of the "<fill in blank>" Its literally just starting some $%^&

  7. QE2 was the monarch that over saw the deaths of this professor's family. And these 2 dimwits are trying to whitesplain her part of being the monarch when they were being killed is not a reason for this professor to be upset.
    Man. It seems on Mondays we have these 2 morons making Republicans look like racists. Please add someone intelligent on this day.

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