ROBERT BARNES Joins For Ukraine Update, Inflation Crisis & Political Upheaval

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ROBERT BARNES Joins For Ukraine Update, Inflation Crisis & Political Upheaval

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  1. TYPICAL LAWYER! THIS GUY TALKS AND TALKS AND JUST MAKES STUFF UP! For instance he says 2/3 of Germans never voted for the 'Nazis'. In reality 2/3 did in a 90% voter turnout election in 1933. Later 98.7% of Austrians voted to join the riech via a universally hailed by historians to be legitimate referendum. Thats just one example

  2. Politicians only works for corporations with large bags of money , not those elected him with large bag of paper ballots.

    For every $1 a U.S. worker made in 2021, their CEO made $670.⁣

    To find out more about how CEOs control stock prices check out our explainer from last year:

  3. This is the very annoying point… i see The Dive no precisely because i agree with Jackson Hinkle in every point(but well, we both hate f@ckn nazis), but because is my choice where i get info from around the world!!! yes RT news might be pro Russian and so what!!! I see news from CBS, BBC, CNN and is ok… but i like to see RT news also… and The Dive, it is MY free of choice right to made conclusions with all the POV… no the NATOs.

  4. Barnes believes killings of Palestinians by Israel are all fake, nothing but false flag operations. If you dont believe me check his exchanges with Caitlyn Johnstone and Richard Medhurst on Twitter recently.

  5. You provide great information and summary. Where other than Youtube can we hear your talks? From several commentators streams are getting ever longer and it's no longer possible to save the Youtube video to listen to later or skip back and forth through. Listening to a saved file also allows the audio level to be equalized when streams have guests on and one side is louder than the other. We are now more often skipping watching live streams and looking for standard Youtube videos or other sources – as I have heard also from several others. Thanks.

  6. I confess I was a bit surprised to discover how hawkish Granelle is. I watched a long interview with him on the Albanian TV, right when the conflict in Ukraine started. The guy was so aggressive towards the journalist interviewing him because he dared to suggest that Crimea always has been part of Russia. I mean, he wasn't even trying to make a case in favor of Russia, but Granelle immediately jumped and cut him off on that. I was taken back by his reaction.

  7. I've always liked seeing Robert Barnes on the Duran, so happy you have him on your show. He's got so much intel, it was a very educational show

  8. I always come back to the same question……if Barnes and all the legally savvy people like him can see all the injustices, miscarriages of justice and just plain illegal court actions…..why don't they band together,build a legal Dream Team and commence pro bono proceedings to right them all?
    Make names for themselves and go down in history….
    Money? Because that's the only reason they won't.No one would be obligated to pay them.
    Please tell me I'm wrong…..but I can't think of any other reason…..other than grifting for shekels on here.

  9. Great guy but completely disagree with him on Trump. He's nothing but trouble in the middle east that's already a hot bed ready to explode and only assisted the olighary through the pandemic that's brutalized the working class. A strong Ppls Party w Jimmy leading the fray is what's really needed.

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