Robert Kennedy Jr Interviews Dr Aseem Malhotra on Big Pharma Corruption

Written by Aseem Malhotra


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  1. Before ioannedis Fauci wrote a paper in the New England journal of medicine wrote that the IFR was 0.1% “similar to the flu” and the day after lied and said it was 10 x higher. That’s when I knew in March 2020 something was up. Why didn’t you know this? I am not even a doctor. I also know about ioannedis, from one of the interviews he gave in 2020 and 2021 in Journeyman Pictures here on you tube

  2. As soon as I realised they were lying (March 2020) and then when they started promoting it from the start of lockdown, it was obvious that the virus was to promote the vaccine. This means that the roll out for the latter was sinister.

  3. So you are saying that big pharma and establishments are corrupt, they are in for money, this turned out to be a bad product and all side effects are unintended and are simple accident and mistake that are being covered up.. is that your main thesis? That there are no malign agendas behind the rollout?

  4. Awesome. Followed Pr. Raoult from Marseille from beginning because have been on Plaquinel for years and new CDC and papers on subject were garbage. My only question with the way you frame this disaster is leaving out the rush to trace every person on the planet and vaccine passports, Event 201, International Military Games in Wuhan at same time. Military entered back into US through Seattle where first case came to light. Lot of Synchronization beyond Pharmaceutical Psycopathy.

  5. Please, Aseem, look deeper into traditional vaccines. If VAERS hasn't worked properly, according to Harvard study, since its inception, how can anyone say traditional vaccines are safe? (there's plenty of evidence pointing to the harms of vaccines). we must always listen to our patients/patients' parents.

  6. Government is the ultimate problem, because corporations are creations of government. They would not exist except for the interference of government in the free market, to which they do not belong.

  7. They are right to observe that corporations are amoral entities that sometimes display sociopathic characteristics, but wrong not to observe that the same is true of governmental regulatory agencies. Regulatory capture is a two-way street, and any solution must take this into account.

  8. Wow Dr Malhotra, you just lost all credibility. You really think you can get Gates on side? The man is evil. He's one of the worst perpetrators of this whole thing. Are you aware he said it was "sad" that Omicron had done a better job than the vaccine? That he's used Africans as guinea pigs? That he's involved in putting farmers out of business? Very naive.

  9. I was listening to an American radio station in 2000 and they were warning about the power of corporations, and the corruption that would follow. They were right on over 20 years ago. I am from Canada and have always remembered that warning.

  10. I have huge admiration for you Dr. Amazing courage. Therefore i would ask you to look into the history of virology and germ theory. In my opinion the whole field is pseudo science and a huge crime scene but would love to hear you speak in this. Thanks for all you do!

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