Robert Malone joins Dan Wootton to discuss ‘mass psychosis’

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  1. This happens constantly
    It's also why white folks believe think they are above better than non whites
    Programmed to
    Neuroplasticity Neuroscience has now PROVEN how our Minds can be & are manipulated molded by our environment by what's taught in that environment
    The more something is Repeated to us the more we can be programmed to believe think feel it
    Think NAZI GERMANY !!!

  2. It is so refreshing to hear a credible source on a credible channel !!!
    It takes a courageous and selfless person to go against the money making, and lying big pharma and our government agencies who support the lies and deception toward the planned global agenda!

  3. 13:20 – I CANNOT believe someone would actually said that! This is exactly what is happening to ALL of us who question this INSANITY. So you're now pro-dialogue? And suddenly THEY are the victims????…. I need to go for a walk now…..

  4. The Great Barrington Declaration does not tell anything about mRNA technology but vaccines in general. Why to connect those, Dr. Malone? GBD was proposed before any vaccines, BTW

  5. So the BBC is pedaling vaccine mandate – I cannot find that anywhere.
    Starmer is correct to ask for children to be vaccinated. Omicron affect children far more than previous variant (but still its not a mandate as parent ultimately have the choice). 500 children a day are going into hospital so its about protecting their health not stopping spread. Their is also long covid to consider.

  6. We here in Newfoundland, that see this, and agree with this man, are afraid to even post questions, or opinions. We are in such a small cloistered place that we cannot express an opinion without a whole community jumping on you.

  7. If you have to be persuaded, reminded, pressured, lied to, incentivized, coerced, bullied, socially shamed, guilt-tripped, threatened, punished and criminalized … If all of this is considered necessary to gain your compliance – you can be absolutely certain that what is being promoted is not in your best interest

  8. Bloody mumbo-jumbo you can’t hang one phrase on all of history I’m sorry but the narrative jumps backwards and forwards trying to include vaccines and everything it’s happened to totalitarian politics in the past 200 years. I’m sorry but not very clear-cut science.

  9. You guys are all liars I just discharged myself from the hospital and the beds are empty
    There is no over packed ICU beds
    There is a shortage of nurses because no nurses and doctors want to take the VACCINES
    You MEDIA say statistic are 80% of Canadians are VACCINATED Wich is opposite 80%is not VACCINATED that's why you are trying to force it down our throats

  10. Robert Malone is such an intelligent man that he can explain very technical stuff in layman terms that even I can understand that I could listen to him all day . This man has Great Big Kahuna's to risk everything to be honest to the public ! RESPECT !

  11. Months ago, I've seen a youtube video with Mattias Desmet and a youtuber sharing questions and conversation about totalitarianism. It's the most relevant video of psychology I've seen about what it happening. Seeing now Dr Malone talking about him is warming my heart !

  12. Stop transmission by vaccinating 🤦‍♂️😂 How can any imbecile in politics still promote this nonsense?
    94% vaxxed adults in Australia and 140k cases per day!

  13. Honestly,,,, can these interviewers get it right the first time! Obviously Malone corrected the interviewer. Not Malones theory and he isn’t a psychologist. This ‘mass ‘alternate media’ need to do their research before they launch into these interviews. Frankly their approach makes a mockery of this very important theory. This isn’t the first time lve seen this play out. It’s like the term has now been weaponised like ‘Conspiracy theory’ was. Adding the ‘psychosis’ word is helping it along and why didn’t Malone know this in the first place.

  14. Fauci is 1 opinion why is the viral pandemic around wuhan/ viral/ Biden& Fauci😷 this pandemic is Choas as it unravels seems many are coming down with new illiness after the vaccine(data) censorship as well

  15. Stigma/Fearmongering epidemic. Need Noble leadership and Change' believe this is now economic/governed lack of Trust on those who work for the taxpayers" opening Border during a pandemic) outrages Children are not Dara) experimental Drug!! Treat the Virus

  16. Why those who went to Senator Johnson wuth severe side effects from myocarditis/blood clot/heart problems/neurological/paralysis and many more ringing!! Balance…needs mire research. Many seen it first hand.a friend in wheelchair w/ither health issues

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