Robert Malone Thought This Was a Conspiracy Theory, He’s Changed His Mind | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” shares a clip of Robert Malone coming around to the Great Reset. Robert Malone initially thought that a lot of what he was hearing about The Great Reset was a conspiracy theory. After reading the book by Klaus Schwab he’s not so sure.


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  1. We all need to realize “conspiracies” and “conspiracy theories” are two different things.
    Conspiracy theories = Entertainment
    Conspiracies = happening in real life behind the scenes.

  2. The medical hierarchy doesn't have the decency to allow Dr. Malone a platform to speak on the topic of the mRNA, and why he feels that if things are going right the vaccinations should be halted until they are proven to be safe. As the gentlemen points out here, Dr. Malone is extremely knowledgeable and qualified to speak on the topic of mRNA.

  3. Please put the word out that the midterm variant is on the way. The lying MSM is beginning to talk about Covid coming back just in time for the midterm elections. Let U.S. not fall for this crap again. Let U.S. not fall for the fear mongering. Get out and vote and take our nation back!!!

  4. All anyone needs to do is watch the multiple videos of event 201 by the bill and Melinda gates foundation does. Look at the date they were made and remember the chain of events we experienced from ppe shortages to centralize authority our beloved fearless leader the under pants gnome him self dr. Anthony Fauci

  5. Malone is a good scientist. On the other hand, I saw an interview he did on Candace Owen's show where he said some stupid stuff about Bill Gates. Now, I am not a fan of Bill Gates, but I am using Microsoft Windows to type this message. I have never been an Apple OS fan, but that goes back decades. Too long a topic for this. What I am getting at is that just because someone is successful in one are, this does not mean they are the font of all knowledge. A good example is all the people Bernie Madoff duped. They were all successful people. And yet, this charlatan bilked them out of massive amounts of money. Malone is talking about something he does not have expertise in. On this I happen to agree with him. But your putting special emphasis on it because of his drug innovations, is just foolish.

  6. The international vaccine institute as had agenda for 2020 which was to have a universal flu vaccine in place – they started working on this vaccine in 2010 – this was on their website early 2020 – IVI is sponsored by Pfizer and Gates foundation – world at risk pandemic preparedness GUIDE written 2018 – board members include Fauci and Gates foundation – they are all connected – nothing was hidden – clandex AND EVENT 201 pandemic simulation put on by WEF-GATES FOUNDATION- and John Hopkins convinced me that this was perhaps another simulation to help bring in the RESET AND THE UNIVERSAL FLU VACCINE

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