Robinhood BANS Stock Buying For Gamestop And Others, Media Cronies SMEARING WSB As Alt Right

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  1. Time to stand up and take back the system, there is hundreds of thousands if not millions of people ready to put blood on soil. WE are not represented WE are slaves of a different name called taxpayers how much money would you have if your government only took 12% of your income. How come YOUR representatives make more than twice as much as the average person they represented. How come people in California can donate to a politician in Montana, we've let the system fall into greedy hands….. it's time to take OUR country back, we declared Revolution for a 2% tax hike on top of under representation what's it going to take this time around people.

  2. DO NOT SELL $GME $BB $NOK HOLD THE LINE!!!! Fidelity is still allowing the purchase of these stocks. Hold your positions in Robinhood and when they bounce and make profits, take your money out of Robinhood and find a better company. File SEC complaints against Robinhood.

  3. Imagine how GameStop feels. The establishment tried to engineer their collapse. If you don’t have a brick and mortar store to buy a console at where do you go? Amazon.

  4. I've been using robinhood since march last year and didn't have any problems with it hell I really started to make serious money. But after what robinhood pulled I'm gonna be switching platforms I didn't even buy into the meme stocks but i have to leave out of principle.