Robodebt Royal Commission Coming!

A Royal Commission into Robodebt was announced today. Deemed illegal in 2019, this programme “recovered” money claimed to be owed through data matching, and was proved to be faulty, leading some to take drastic steps to avoid the debt. Lessons do need to be learnt.

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  2. Yes. This is important and needed. It targetted young people – young families unemployed and student – destroying their morale and finances; effectively 'eating our young'. I've watching this disgrace, and the bullying of dissenters, in disbelief since 2016. It reflects badly on us all and must never happen again.

  3. The interaction between centrelink, job training agencies and the crushed spirits of unemployed people with serious health issues needs to be examined and urgent reform implemented.

  4. The government will go ape shit soon on tax owing from a bipartisan deal to shut this country down for years totally destroying sml can we pencil in a royal commission now for the government’s robo mark 2 tax debt collection.

  5. About time. Centrelink is about to run afoul of the court order regarding the class action. We still don’t know IF we will be paid. And yes I was one of the bastards caught up in that shitshow

  6. I am moving back to my third world country, and live debt free, expecting more planned pandemics in future, when govt needs to print money and prop up economy.

    I very well realise this is a rigged game of few holding assets, and the ones having access to money printers keep getting enriched at the expense of working class, who trade their blood and sweat, to make some one's life better and secure.

  7. How abut a royal commission into flood disaster payment fraud…?
    How about a royal commission into bush-fire payment fraud, that even the NSW gocernment said, money went out the door so fast we dont even know where it went.

    And still waiting ion the two royal commissions into the pandemic…

    One for the money side, especially second infection fraud and harvey normal pay outs.
    And the other into the human rights aspects, like closing the borders, WHO IS MOST AFFECT, JUST WHEN WE KNEW VACCINE MANDATES WHERE FRAUD… "Pandemic of the unvaccinated" that is a big claw in the side….

    They are just gearing up in the USA to get stuck into the pfizer vax, so watch this space.

    But robo debt was based on exactly the same thing that LABOUR used to do manually. Except they would only pick one in 10000 to do it to because they knew most would vote for them.

    Half the scheme was found to be perfectly fine. The other half, where the income was not a full year or involved times when recipiants moved from payments to full work, tripped up the algorithm.

    The illegal part was Tony abbot gov not updating the Social security published formula thing….

    Every thing after such as raising debts was legal, and some stupid mistakes like bad address files and short staffing the center link so it was hard to have your problem address, while not illegal was just plain dumb.

    So in the end it was no way near the 700 million, and not even 300,000 people.

    And like we have seen with flood payment, bushfire payment, and now coming to light, pandemic payment fraud, and that oldy but goody, NDIS fraud. It would seem that its…..

    Ask what your country can do for you and how much you can scam out of it.

    No wonder refugees and immigrants want to come here..

    And Englishman once said to me, i love australians, its so easy to rip them off.

  8. How a scheme like this gets implemented:

    A minister has an advisor tell them about an idea to streamline centrelink payments to avoid overpayment in real time. "It means that we don't overpay people who start earning too much".

    The minister says "great, let's do it". The civil servants commission their software and payment processing teams to developing the software to make the comparisons.

    The teams involved don't understand the requirements properly and implement the algorithm incorrectly. They are given little time and a small testing budget. They write the software and test it the best they can. It appears to be working. The system goes live.

    Later hundreds of thousands of people, but not everyone, receive incorrect flags by the system. The team that developed the software has already moved on and there's nobody responsible for ironing out the bugs. It's simply now a part of the centrelink systems.

    With nobody responsible for looking at the problems and the centrelink staff completely trusting the software, the whole thing ruins the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

  9. I know someone who was caught up in this. She printed out her bank statements backing up her income, but redacted absolutely everything else. They didn't bother her again. I think it was just a data fishing exercise to see what other information they could get.

  10. If you want to prevent this from happening then investigate the public servants that actually built and implemented robodebt. The public servants that broke the law by billing people who didn't owe a debt should go to jail.

  11. This video would be a lot better if you actually gave an explanation for what this controversy is all about, what robodebt scheme, when was it implemented, who implemented it, what is the perceived problem with it? Love your videos, please keep producing them they are normally highly informative and insightful, but I just found this one didn't include all the necessary information for people who may not be across the issue. (EDIT: apologies, you do explain it in the second half of the video, my suggestion would be to move it to the beginning).

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