ROCK BOTTOM: Biden Sees Approval SINK To 33%, Support Among Dems Slips 12% Pts From November

Ryan Grim and Kim Iversen debate whether President Biden can recover his sinking approval numbers before the 2024 campaign season.

President Biden image courtesy of AP Photo/Patrick Semansky.

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  1. Biden knows he’s a one term president…the elite want it this way…they got what they wanted from Trump and they’re getting what they want from Joe…the biggest surprise is these talking heads acting like this is something new! 😴😴😂

  2. Almost all the ridiculous problems under President Trump were caused/fabricated by crooked democrats. They spewed hate and lies from day 1 and NEVER worked with him to improve the country. The man did the best job I've ever seen.

  3. The Biden Administration and Democrat Party are contrived outrage, seeking an issue – throwing mud against the wall method – that will resonate with the American People. Unfortunately, none of the “causes” they pursue addresses the concerns of the American People, or serves to improve their lives.

    Instead, the Democrats seek to increase Federal Power, or attempt to grant the Democrat Party greater power over elections.

  4. Other nations treat immediately with HCQ and Ivermectin and other off the shelf drugs. There are medications ready to go on the shelf and oddly these medications work in India and China and Japan and many other nations. But in the US…we get the highest mortality rate on the planet and it's not even close.

  5. So do you think his rating has ever been higher then 33%. The left was able to pretend until the public got a voice. The accidental voice recording of the people got heard in the news. 😁🤣😂 FJB

  6. Brandon is worse than Jimmy Carter. Carter was ineffective but he was sincere and meant well. Brandon is a Washington insider and is still ineffective with control of both houses of congress.

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