Rocky You Can Do It Pick Me Up – Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith has gotten some backlash, but Sly gives him a real lift with some words of encouragement. It’s tender pick me up that will leave you
saying keep on punchin’.

co-write with @kurtmetzger

Written by KyleDunnigan


  1. Do all phat people look weird when they get all skinny and flappy and droopy and whatnot…?

    Edit…if so, i shall gain back the 25lbs i just lost, imMEDiately, before i become another statistic!!

  2. You can trace Kevin’s start of making complete garbage to a when he started smoking tons of weed during Zach and Miri. It’s been garbage ever since.

  3. Kev is a Hypocrite and a liar. I’ve lost so much respect for him. Never watched the show but lying about what was gonna happen and then bragging about it when it did is just shitty.

    This is the same guy who would weep if Luke Skywalker was killed off for no good reason

  4. Luis J. Gomez shouted you out on Legion of Skanks about a month back and I’ve been a fan ever since! Probably the funniest person I’ve discovered this year. Keep on punchin’, yo! ‘Fresh Prez’ has me dying.

  5. Each episode of Masters of the Universe: Revelation should have a commentary track of Kevin Smith laughing at the fans he tricked into believing in him. Here's a guy who runs around claiming that he doesn't crap on one thing to make something else look good, yet he immediately removes He-Man from the show in order to focus all of his attention on also destroying the female lead by:

    1. Turning her against the high-honor position (the new Man-At-Arms) she just received after working her whole life to earn.

    2. The grief-stricken parents of He-Man, who also gave her that promotion.

    3. The man who raised her as his own daughter.

    4. Everyone else in the Kingdom she's sworn to protect.

    5. But back to He-man… Kevin Smith claims he gave the character a heroic death, but Teela's attitude isn't, "Wow, that was heroic!" No… it's (go back to #1 on this list).

    But that's not all. Now she's a weird half-buzzcut-wearing, masculine-looking mercenary with a girlfriend/not-girlfriend sidekick who joins her and the other buffed-up female cast in crapping on the male characters. Oh, and they're going to run into the evil compound and kick ALL the bad guy ass there… without He-Man (who couldn't do that), without the Power of Grayskull (which He-Man had, and still couldn't do it). Not to mention that she couldn't do it herself, either, until after He-Man died and she got a girlfriend. What??

    Look, being from my Generation, Kevin Smith knows full well that strong female characters are NOT something we were missing while growing up.

    1. Wonder Woman had Steve Trevor who, while a strong male lead, was still the sidekick to the strong female Hero of the show.

    2. Charlie's Angels? Yea, Bosley was just a sidekick, and Charlie sat on his ass making out with chicks in his hot tub, while the Angels went out and took down the bad guys.

    3. Greatest American Hero? It had a clumsy male superhero, a sexist F.B.I. Agent, and a strong female lead who took no crap from either of them.

    And you know what they had in common? They didn't have to make the male characters worthless, or shame them, or remove them completely, in order for the female characters to shine. But Kevin Smith did.

    Hell, his next gig should be She-Ra, where he kills her off in Episode 1 and replaces her with a strong male lead. No wait, can't have that. Better replace her with a non-binary, trans women built like The Rock.

    But it's not… his next project is Clerks III. And let me tell you… not only am I not supporting it, I'm hoping it goes into development hell and never gets released so that characters he loves dearly can get crapped on the way he's done to our childhood heroes. Which sucks to have to say because I've been a huge Kevin Smith fan for freaking ever. Yet now I find myself wanting him as far away as freaking possible from anything I love in exactly the same way I want Kathleen Kennedy as far away from Star Wars as humanly possible.

    His career is completely dead to me.