Rogan Attacked Over Staged Biden Booster Shot

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. unfortunately the audio quality isn’t up to our usual standard for a live show, we recorded the show off the board at the venue, but that audio file was corrupted and unusable, so we had to use the audio from our cameras, thank you all for putting up with subpar audio

  2. Brandon's a purely staged die hard devout Satanist. Wears shirts with a red horse and a white horse for his first two supposed jabs. Gets 306 electoral votes (3 6's), campaign number slogan was 30330 (2020÷666), calls Psalms "palms", grins with eyes open during the Medal of Honor prayer presentation. You can bet he'll leave you behind and he'll be checking his watch during all your funerals. Do what though wilt.

  3. Why haven’t the media highlighted that circus seal joe was grabbing that lady, that was pretending to needle him, in the butt? (Check the frame when it’s stopped) Obviously that’s him being misogynistic and creepy old fart joe!

  4. An intelligent administration wouldn't get a booster live. This unfortunately is the Biden administration. Even if it goes south on them the media will just bury it like they did with the Hunter Biden emails.

  5. Thanks for doing what finally needed to f=be done. Create another space than these morons in power but not go as far as a Trump or Q tard that loves the constitution and like Ralph Nader. I’ve invited him to the vaccine questions but, I’m getting at it. I have a great neuroscientistwho’d be willing to tell you of the microscopy work done at home live with no sensationalism. We maintain our chain of custody and show you the vials and open the envelope from a nice Practioner who we can’t name or they’’ll go after her as the AMA has recited a letter to all pharmacists and we had to social media SHAME Walgreens online for not giving out ivermectin and practicing medicine. The PhH is a Doctor of sorts but, more focused of the chemical interactions. Most states a pharmacist can dispense schedule III medicines w/o a prescription. Mzds can call in all family scripts, even schedule II narcotics but, it’s frowned on, ivermectin not even on the list of controlled medications and safer than Tylenol. If you get this. We have some registered dieticians willing to help as she was vaccinated and got sick and is now experiencing the spike over and over and trying to help other through simple means of diet and foods but, Will tell you about things she has tried to become free of strange symptoms probably neurological in that area. They knew is what is astounding. They knew Bells Palsy and Guillane Barre were going to happen and didn’t bother to give us that memo. I am related to the D.R.A.S.T.I.C. Team 2.0 that got proximal origins to we read the Fauci emails and Peter Daszak needs blame too. Eco Health and its CEO and PhD bragged to Dr. Fauci at how cheap it would be for Gain of function in WIV. If you wish you can follow me as I am seeing this all unfold a bad democrat for thinking outside the box. Something the party welcomed before. Now, you don’t sing the tune and you will not get invited to another progressive caucus zoom meeting. Well, they can seriously get the brunt of the upcoming election schlacking. This won’t stop until they start getting back to oversight. Where has the conscious of the USA when we allow this many deaths without question and then this begs the next question Bill Maher got right with Senator Amy Klobachaur and asked her to articulate what the Dems have gotten done in the time the have legislature and the Exec branch,. What have they accomplished? Trump was more helpful to the poor and sick and got checks out to support people. Biden is bailing out corporate interests again. Same as he did the working man trying to escape debt burdens. All those Delaware Corporations that got tax incentives for listing. His rackets with the credit card companies keeping people out of bankruptcy protections and stripped the consumers rights. This guy was supposed to be the stable middle man. He’s turning awfully tyrannical and uncontrollable. I think Sen Warren would have got er done. Both parties and campaign reforms were a big item now gone. So, its back to whoring yourselves out another billion each that’s campaigns alone could end homelessness in the USA. An average Presidential spending is at the same amount give or take. Two billion dollar elections! Can you think of how wed save money for Social Security, vaccine injury programs. The News is now one big infotainment broker now. CNN does its own productions in small frames making it look like madness and chaos. Both play these games but, never ever has the USA said NO, you’re an auto second class citizen. This party is getting awful Trotskyite scary. Willing for you to talk to a neuroscientist about prions and how these jabs escape throughout the body, we worry about the brain especially as Luvox gets out to te brain, so does spike. Many drugs try and protect the cholinergic, vagal, limbic, stem, and hippocampus can get inflammation from spike usually with clots, headache, fatigue, sleep problems, lack of smell taste and other CNS, thrombocytopenia with Cov2 and the jab. These microphages are supposed to come clean up the garbage left behind when theres no escaping in a closed loop, toxic to the walls of your circulatory system. These spikes are getting into the brains and more and more we will see more my prediction is pediatric stroke and heart attacks normalized. They are teaching this since they approved the age 5-11 age segment only putting pressure now on babies. Watch what they blame this on. You will need to bring your viewers up to speed on Mareks pathways and other neuro de generative diseases associated with spike. Rivax is coming out with a vaccine made out of ricin. Look up ricin. You just need moments of exposure to die. We have more grants in WIV now. Thats scary!

  6. JDS, is Rogan ever interested in expertise like independent health policy medical experts economists. its sounds like lots of kool ghetto chat, absent depth. amusing of course

  7. That's because Biden is a robotoid/automaton. Among others, I believe Pelosi isn't 100% human either. I don't believe this tiny hat club communist takeover really wanted to see their assassinations. This would explain why they would replace these people with robotoids because they obviously realize that the American people shouldn't be underestimated and are capable of an assassination attempt.

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