Rogan Guest Reveals Government’s Digital ID Nightmare Is Real!

On a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, guest Maajid Nawaz revealed high-level plans underway to transition from vaccine passports to digital IDs that would offer powerful institutions access to and control over nearly every aspect of our lives.

Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal discuss how these dramatic eviscerations of our personal freedoms will likely be “sold” to us as convenience measures.

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  1. They killed the king and his brother in the 60s, the only people who stood up to the wealthy, military, and secret government interests. I believe that because of their deaths, events like this and many others have been made to occur. The Kennedy bros. were I think the last great hope of this world, and those who saw and had the most sinister plans for not just our country but the world have gone on to increase and seize power and control. Stand and fight for not just your family, your beliefs, and your way of life but also take a stand with and for your neighbor, for he and you have so much more in common than THEY want you to believe. No matter what people may say, know that your cause is just and right and that history will shine, and remember this moment when the cause and love for freedom and hope were held so dear.

  2. did tony blair have a Freudian slip when saying Evolution sounded like he said evilution. people better wake up,you thought covid-19 mandates we’re bad or a hassle. no comparison here this would be brutal.

  3. Two years ago this was a conspiracy theory. The Australian Digital ID exists now. You can opt in by choice for convenience, it’s safe and effective. Once legislation is place they will become mandatory.

  4. Hope you correct your shit video on Ukraine otherwise you're no better than those who you fight Jimmy. By the way, we already have digital IDs, this fight should have been taken 15 years ago.

  5. Yes, Jimmy and Max, soon to be taken-out by the New, Gen X/Y/Z Woke Clownshow !!! Universities are TOAST, ask the Weinsteins… Instead of Equality of Opportunity, we have Equality of Outcome… Central Bank Digital Currency will start a Guerrilla Civil Uprising that will look like a Third World on fire…. My only question is WHEN ?? HOW SOON ??????

  6. What if Lucy doesn't show up to her appointment? What if Lucy had been in a fender bender at some point and that shows up to the rental company? So no work arounds, no planning on your own how you're gonna pay something back. We all have to be really strict assholes. What about the artistic types, or people who get distracted and can't always follow a rigid timeline?

  7. Well the only modern day terrorist attacks in England were committed by Islamic Extremists. Just so you know. Just because he committed hypocritical acts, doesn’t make his message and information any less important or relevant. And we should still listen to him. I still watch a little mainstream media and crazy independent forms of media cause I need to be aware of the the “ facts and fiction “. In this example, his message is very good to know regardless of whether you like him or not.

  8. I am in crypto everyone fight cbdcs till you can't fight anymore they are so dangerous to everyone. I will never use a cbdc in my life I truly whoul rather starve then let someone have that power over me I won't let it happen

  9. Here in Canada .. PPL keep their Phone Number when u change ur phone or get a Contract with a different Co. … maybe one day our Phone Number will be like ur Social Security .. u get ur number as soon as u get ur first Phone and keep it so the gov. can reach u anytime or control what u hear or say … WOW .. im a little worried !!!

  10. Why isn't anyone saying it!!! Putin, don't want Nukes so close to Moscow. Years Putin said he didn't want Ukraine to join NATO…WHY DOES EVERYONE forget about Kennedy and 63???? 90 miles from Miami..1800 miles from Washington DC. Putin said it inderectly for years, starting in the bush administration.then Obamas'. Screw Trump, but he had it Right….! Kennedy wouldn't have it, Putin won't..U.S. is broken..up in every body's business.cant do SH*T at home…!😜🤪🤯😴🖕🤪😜🤪😜🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  11. Liberals and Conservatives generally agree on things without realizing it.

    Liberals say "Corporate power is a problem and needs to be fixed".

    Conservatives say "Government is the problem".

    Well… the fact that Corporations write the laws politicians pass and politicians grovel and accept corporate money and the two are in symbiotic existence with each other thru board seats, revolving doors PAC's…


    Liberals and Conservatives are in complete agreement.

    We need to act accordingly and stop worrying about people having guns and who sleeps with who…

    We all have a common enemy.

  12. We have had that in Sweden for a long time, it actually works really well. I don’t know, but it feels like Americans generally distrust these kinds of changes because they don’t trust the government. Y’all need to work to fix your governmental system, but I know that that’s a tall order.

  13. I still have this fight with my family all the time. Why are we forcing people to vax when it does little to stop the spread? What difference does it make to you? And it's always the same: it doesn't matter, they should just do it on principle. One friend even said the Convoy in Ottawa had to right what to tell the govt to do. WTF? People don't even listen to themselves anymore, it's the biggest brainwashing in all of history.

  14. Jimmy should look up HIPAA.

    Who Is Not Required to Follow These Laws:

    Many organizations that have health information about you do not have to follow these laws.

    Examples of organizations that do not have to follow the Privacy and Security Rules include:

    – Life insurers

    – Employers

    – Workers compensation carriers

    – Most schools and school districts

    – Many state agencies like child protective service agencies

    – Most law enforcement agencies

    – Many municipal offices

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