Rogan & Maher Mock “Racism” Of Wuhan Lab Leak Theory

During a recent taping of The Joe Rogan Experience, the host and guest Bill Maher pondered the question of the so-called “lab leak theory” that was initially labeled a conspiracy theory and widely decried as “racist” but which now has been accepted as a very real possible explanation for how COVID initially arose.

Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal discuss how this scientific question became politicized and why it’s more racist to believe the lab leak theory than the theory that COVID arose in Wuhan’s wet markets.

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  1. It wasn't racism when Trump rightly pointed out origins, suspicions and the CCP's blatant blocking of info/investigating that would have saved lives PLUS them not shutting down air travel…worked out well cos it was about only thing that'd lose election for Trump.
    Shock, horror, POTUS demands co operation or a huge compensation bill…yeah, how racist 😱.
    USA 2022 needed Trump in WH, well done Twitter/FB/Tik Tok, we've got a guy who's brief appearance with European Press showed how much US media are covering for his bumbling, forgetful, Infirm pitiful performance

  2. Pelican Brief. It was not China that released Wohan virus; notice the US was involved in the Wohan lab. The pandemic was intentional. COVID shut down our economy and our elections.

  3. Fuck Bill Maher…he is the bigot not Trump supporters! Maher is why you have a show, just because he finally realized he was wrong all a long doesn't change a thing!

  4. X-Files
    Working in the dark to manufacture "entitlement" to suck the joy out of humans is what qualifies as brilliance to the hostile alien vampires (greed) that rule US.

    Light and truth (love) cause vampires (greed) great pain and suffering. That's why the words compassion, understanding, society (socialism), community (communism), "care for all" and "green new deal" cause the capitalist counting corpses that rule US such misery.

  5. Anti-asian hate crime did not go up due to Trump's rhetoric. That narrative faded away when all the examples of hate crime that could be found were perpetrated by a black person.

  6. Digital? Sounds hallucinatory.

    For me it was mild illness for a couple days, during the height of it. Person i got it from ended up on ICU. Obese chain smoker, but yeah I had to take experimental drugs so he doesn't get it again.

    Can i in turn ask him and, everyone I know, to stop driving gas guzzling cars because they are contributing to the death of everything? No, that's crazy talk!

  7. Jesus Christ died for the remission of all sin, was buried and rose on the third day. "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believes on me has everlasting life." John 6:47.

    If you simply believe this If you simply believe this applies to you and trust Jesus to save you, then you have everlasting life in heaven. "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house."- Acts 16:31

  8. The claims of racism are nothing more than ubiquitous and lazy corruption. The bulk of the race hysteria and subsequent corruption is very apparently coming directly from the Chinese Communist Party.

  9. Why do Americans think President Trump was a bad President you must be the only people in the world that do not realise nuclear war could break out at any minute do you really think the world is safer under Joe Biden. UNBELIEVABLE. Your politicians are so corrupt they refuse to retire they stay in power till they die. Presidents can only do two terms in office but in the Senate you can stay in office till your well past your prime. One thing the American people should realise is Putins Nuclear Bombs can reach America. I have heard the American people saying you should have terms in the Senate you can make the senate serve terms by not voting for a politician after they have served eight years just like the President. It does not need to be put into law the American people can do it. But it is harder if you dont need voter ID.

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