Rogan QUITTING? Podcaster Says He’s DONE If He Has To “Walk On Eggshells”

Ryan Grim and Robby Soave discuss self-censorship and fact checking in independent media.

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  1. Ryan doesn’t see any evidence, even anecdotal evidence, of mass formation psychosis? What a surprise. It might force him to actually have to look closer at adherents of his own ideology and their complete lack of logical or principled consistency.

  2. Where in the world is Kim??? I hope they actually read the comments because I would propose that the majority of subscribers love Kim and don’t really care for the other guys very much

  3. Only people that have a problem with Rogan's content are the social justice hacks who thrive on victimization and a rigid un original controlled idliolgy.. and no he won't edit his show because that's what makes his content authentic, believable.. He will even disclose when he or guest take a bathroom break!

  4. Rogan quitting?
    Nice click bait…. I'm starting to remember why I stopped watching this channel. Other than Grim obviously. He could be covering a live nuclear strike and put me to sleep

  5. People can say anything they want. Period. The fact of the matter is that most of the mediums out there that people use to convey information are being ran by people who do not believe in freedom of speech. In the real world, outside of social media and far away from the constraints of the their parents basements, pretty much everyone else is calling it like it is. These people are called Americans, and despite the state ran media and monopolistic socal media platforms attempting to censor and shame anyone they disagree with, we're still here. And what in the AF are you talking about Marxism as if it's a viable philosophy?

  6. We give you or real thoughts except when You Tube tells a not to? Mass hypnosis is an actual diagnosis. Fact check yourself live on this one. Guess he failed at psychology while getting his "journalism?" Degree! The more i listen to the clown on the left,i realize there is a reason he sits in that side quite an idiot at times lately.

  7. Robby, Robby, Robby….any platform that can manipulate facts like Twitter and Wikipedia is not a reputable source of information. It's rule #1 in any English class, your views make me question if you even went to college

  8. Yeah Ryan’s take is dumb. Heck we saw how a massive audience of people cheered on Will Smith AFTER he assaulted another human being. Herd mentality, fear of being in the out group, free floating anxiety. We know by now that power centers use these maximally to manipulate the masses. Ryan should know this whether or not he agrees with the definition or use of the term “mass formation psychosis”.

  9. Geez, Ryan, the main thing Marx didn't forsee (and not even his fault, really) was the vast improvements in human prosperity made possible by science and industrialism. Things got better for people in general (Wireless communication! Electrification! Roads! Refrigeration! and on and on…) for a long, long time and this continued for a hundred years (Radio! Television! Automobiles! Air Conditioning! Flight! Computers! and on and on…)

    These improvements might, might , have occurred at the same or slower pace under a more communistic system, but they occurred under an imperfect capitalistic system instead.

  10. People like that he get's it wrong at time's , and then does real time corrections. Errors bring the human element . People make mistakes that is part of life. But to do it and be unapologetic ,then act like you're above reproach is in part the failures of main stream media.

  11. I was walking around Walmart of all places today and I'm watching people wearing their masks but pulling them down away from their nose and mouth. they're doing this now in March 2020 [edit: 2022] in North Carolina, where I am, where the Mandate has been lifted for about 2 weeks. why are they wearing their masks if there is no mandate, only to pull them down off their face as if they wish they didn't have to wear the mask. Ryan, if this is not mass psychosis, what do you think it is?

  12. Ryan, the whole point of Rogan's style is to specifically NOT edit anything out, because that can lead to all manners of deceptive editing. If he did that MSM would just start saying that he was editing content to support his views (the way they do it, but it's obviously okay when they did for some reason). He records shows and releases them completely unedited to give the same kind of show as if it was live, in order to paint an unabridged picture.

  13. The conversation about fact checking via crowd sourcing is interesting. It is essentially democracy on what the facts are. If everyone decided that 2 + 2 = 5, it doesn't make it correct no matter how many people believe it. I can see that being the biggest flaw in that system. The most topical example of this would be the election results in 2020. There are the facts of "there was no amount of voter fraud that would change the results of the election" and that shouldn't be up for debate even if a motivated minority organized to manipulate the system.
    Another easy example is the Uyghurs in China. It shouldn't be up for a vote if they are being put in camps. I can easily imagine a world where the above system is in place but a bunch of CCP zealots vote en mass to say it is misinformation.

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