Rogan Spits Truth About Hunter Biden, The Deep State & Media Bias

The majority of mainstream news reporters seem oblivious to the basic facts around Hunter Biden’s laptop, the FBI’s targeting of Donald Trump, the failed Russiagate investigation and, not surprisingly, media bias. Yet in just a few sentences during a recent podcast Joe Rogan demonstrated a firmer grasp of all these topics than many of his journalistic “betters” in the corporate press.

Jimmy and Americans’ comedian Kurt Metzger discuss how easy it is to get these stories right when you don’t work for an establishment outlet serving the interests of the powerful.

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  1. Jimmy, they removed your notifications for me today. Had them enabled, and they were magically disabled as of a minute ago. Re-enabled them, but thought you should know this is happening.

  2. That fake collusion story cost us Americans millions in tax dollars in those bogus impeachments and investigation committees….and no one was held accountable except some minimal fines that were paid.

  3. Beat down by Russia Collusion, Beat Down with fake impeachments (calls to Ukraine), Beat Down with Covid Lockdowns, Beat down with your Children losing valuable school and socialization time and medical care, Beat Down with inflation and loss of spending power caused on purpose….

  4. Conceptually understanding the Middle-East….

    Middle East simplified ….

    "If I leave, Iran will go down, If Iran goes down, Middle East will go down, If Middle East goes down, the world will suffer!" said yhe Shah of Iran, 38 years ago.

    When the West stopped supporting their best friend (Shah of Iran), France was hosting Ayatollah Khomeini, BBC was broadcasting against him, USA turned his back on him, maybe only because the Shah established "OPEC" and wasn‘t ready to sell oil to west very cheap anymore.

    He was RIGHT…

    Russia always wanted to attack Afghanistan to have access to warm water (they would continue then with Pakistan).

    Shah knew it, so he had a defence agreement with Afghanistan and Pakistan that if any of the three countries is attacked, other two countries will help.

    Iranian military was very strong back then and an ally of US and the west. So Russia really didn’t want to do it as long as the Shah was there.

    Western powers decided that they are not going to support him (The Shah) anymore.

    OPEC and Shah were becoming too strong for them and they didn’t want to see a rich country in middle east who is at the same time industrialised, that decision was made in French "Guadeloupe" (Hello France..!!! How are you?)

    So the Shah did not receive any support and instead they helped the opposition groups which later created "Islamic Republic of Iran"!

    Just two months after revolution in Iran, Russia attacked Afghanistan (what a surprise!)

    So the best idea of US, Saudi and Pakistan was to create a radical islamic group to fight with Russian"Infidels"!!

    That group was Taliban!

    Taliban became the father for all other radical Sunni groups, such as Al-Qaida and Ex-Alqaida terrorists created ISIS (again with support and/ or ignorance of US, some middle eastern countries and Turkey).

    Two and a half years after Shah was gone, Saddam attacked Iran (oh yes, he always wanted to do it, but then Iran was powerful before).

    He got massive support from West specially US and France. France sold super Etendard figther jets and was building a Nuclear station in the middle of war for Iraq (Hello France again !!!)

    That war took 8 years. Over 1 million people died. Ex-Saddam Generals together with Ex-Al-Qaida members created ISIS !!!

    Then Iraq attacked Kuwait!


    Because Kuwaitis paid billions of dollars to fight Iran, and Iraq didn’t succeed!!!

    So, suddenly Kuwaitis remembered that those billions were just loan and wanted to have their money back..!!! And Saddam remembered that Kuwait is a part of Iraq!

    And we know the rest.

    Then Al-qaida did what we know as 9/11.

    And then US attacked Iraq after Sep 11th and declared Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan as axis of evil although absolute majority of terrorists were Saudis, then Egyptians and Lebanese!

    And no one from those countries (What the hell??)

    The Shah of Iran was keeping the Middle East safe!!! (Do you remember any war and chaos in Middle East before 1979)?

    So if the Shah had stayed, we wouldn’t have the mess what we have today..!!!

    US would have their WTC intact, France wouldn’t see terror and the world would be more peaceful.

  5. And importantly Joes reach more people in that 10 minutes than MSNBC will reach in an entire year……..imagine what could happen if Joe and others weren’t Shadow Banned or whatever the new tech vernacular is for censorship

  6. Do you think the swamp stopped after Trump is gone? They are getting worse everyday and they have taken so much power in order to get Trump out and they will never give it up willingly unless they are jailed and we take it back

  7. It always shocks me how on point, direct and accurate Kurt is with his statements and analysis bc his voice and delivery come off as kinda surfer bro but dude literally always boils down the salient point so succinctly

  8. Why aren't you guys doing anything about it?
    Why don't you go to your local government and ask them to do something about it?
    There are no good men in the world.

  9. I argue with shitlibs all the time about the Humter Biden laptop and Russia gating. They will tell me that the laptop story is a conspiracy theory and Russia Gate was true based on "fake news" outlets, like NPR, CNN and MSNBC. Those media outlets use conspiracy theories to defend their narrative.

  10. Trump can be annoying. And I bet a lot of people who voted for him also didn’t like him. But he was the only candidate who was focused on America first. Secure borders. And no war. And “draining the swamp”. I hate that line. But now we know there’s a BIG swamp.

    And I know in some way his family business was going to benefit from his policies. A richer middle class means millions going on vacation.

  11. Corporate media is never leftwing — OK, maybe socially, but that's not at all what politics is about, centrally. MSM is very basically rightwing. Even NPR a long time ago was called National Petroleum Radio.

  12. Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 here and the saddest thing is my media in the UK spews the exact same poop absolute nonesense on the daily so it's global nnthsta why we listen and watch Jimmy and Joe and now guys like Russel brand and Rickie jarvaise coz it's only the comedians we can trust ha

  13. So Trump was right? Figures. However, as repulsive as this scheme is by the DNC it's to be expected and changes nothing. If anything this will just give them more power.

  14. yup… and how is Biden not impeached or imprisoned for life is the corruption that keeps flowing. Oh but hey, We'll start releasing prisoners. You know shut down the prisons a make crime rampant. People aren't aware, but they will be when Russia nukes the US. And were gona be wondering how this War started…. Some dumb White President who made money from American blood.

  15. They also spied on his campaign! Against the law. Btw NO ONE US PERFECT, so why say Trump isn’t perfect? Stop the negativity against the only politician that has helped Americans and America.

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