Roger Marshall and Jim Jordan Discuss the Fauci COVID Cover Up

Written by Senator Marshall


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  1. Fauci has lied about everything that comes out of his mouth for decades! Wait until someone investigates the aides epidemic. That was also released on the people of this country. He’s a traitor to this country

  2. Call in the Commanders of all three branches of the Military Biological Protection teams. They have the the full story. They know the Chinese Army has been trying to weaponize the Bat Virus since the 70's. The Wuhan Lab Was one of 4 weapons Labs, The military Bio teams monitor threats around the world since WW II. Bring them in ………………………………………………

  3. When is our SCOTUS going to come down on this administration? *For having a POTUS, that violates the take care clause, of the constitution. Again and again. Fauci is just one part of a bigger issue, in this current swamp. We need to take congress back in 11/22. God bless you two men and everyone that loves our beautiful, but damaged country.

  4. Fauci has he blood of millions on his hands for campaigning against the use of hydroxychloroquine, etc., as a treatment against Covid-19. In the face of international successess of 'hydroxy', Fauci and his ilk strove to have it barred from usage. It was all about the vaccines, no support for early use of other remedies which were available. People were told to remain at home, and remain there pending the need for hospitilization.

  5. Isn’t Jordan getting ready to testify in front of the January 6th Committee? Roger, is there any chance that you can team up with any “normal” politician? Preferably a non QAnon disciple.

  6. So the cdc admitted the tests they were using all that time up until Jan 2022 were not sufficient and could not tell the difference between the flu and the new cvd19 strain of flu. Strains can't be tested. So how do we know ANYONE had it?How do we know it was covid in the beginning before people got the shots? There were no tests.

  7. Fauci said, on tape, he allegedly got an email feom Ch👁na with the spike, which he or the vaccine makers entered it into some computer system to make the jab. This was before they were available. If people were already diagnosed with covid, why didn't he already have the spike himself?
    Same video he admits people could get more sick rather than be protected.

  8. It's time to expose the Scamdemic!!! I will NEVER trust the corrupt medical and pharmaceutical industry again!!! I've learned more on my own with health than I've EVER learned from a licensed doctor….and that's sad!!! And I suggest HIGHLY that ANY political figure that wants to help their political career to help expose this corruption between the pharmaceutical industry and the medical industry which have been manipulated by The WHO and the NIH which have been compromised by Globalists!!!

  9. GOP globalists are not on our side. Kevin McCarthy is Paul Ryan's hand-picked successor. The GOP is the Washington Generals to the DNC Harlem Globetrotters…controlled opposition. They use the GOP seniority system to ensure we never send anyone to DC who can fix the problems.

  10. Fauci took a hell of a beating the other day. Thankful, due to Rand Paul’s efforts to reveal the facts. The truth is coming out. The truth shall set us free! Get rid of these sickening labs. They are just as bad as nukes!

  11. Has HUMANITY been duped by an artificial intelligent algorithm predicting covid-19? Is the failure to identify the intermediate animal host a hoax? Is the viral pandemic caused by an ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENT ALGORITHM?

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