Roger Waters slams Bono and Davos

In a live discussion with The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal, Aaron Mate and Anya Parampil, Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters slams the Davos-based World Economic Forum as “a criminal operation” and lets loose on neoliberal frontman Bono.

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  1. You can't get rid of peoples greed!!! This is the problem!! Now the corporations are too large to fail. We need to break up all companies, corporations that own other corporations owning other corp. owning other and so on!!! Thats the problem!!! Smash these ties! Break them all up!!! No cronyism, no fascism…

  2. Thought Roger was a little condescending rude and arrogant there, shouldn't really be surprised though, that's what his band mates think about him.
    The kids interviewing have a lot to learn too!!

  3. Roger isn’t “sharp for his age”; he’s just sharp. I’m sure that continuing to do what he loves and being passionate about speaking out for justice has something to do with it. Dude hasn’t slowed down since the 1970s!

  4. Roger Waters is the coolest rock star of them all. I saw him perform The Wall. Before the show he was actually walking around in the crowd no body guards, shaking hands with his fans and talking photos with them, and then walked up onto the stage and started the show. He is a real man of the people and lover of his fans.

  5. So my ex girlfriend worked at Davos. She was a hostess and when Bill Clinton saw her he stepped on her foot and ground his heel into it whilst staring at her. Now this girl was in no way political, she was an airline stewardess and a party animal. There was no reason for her to make it up.

  6. Bono is a globalist crook in it for the money. He's made more money brown noising politicians and silicon valley moguls than he has in music. U2 are over rated.

  7. Roger Man of truth, 💚 17 years left 2040 Phoenix returns ? B.O.S.T.O to everyone listening 🕊🇬🇧 under ground shit bags 👎 Elites 👎 we live in a construct brothers and sisters 🤣 2178 end off , love peace from the Archaix family 💚 love to All the Errants 💚

  8. I mean I love Roger but I think Bono deserves way more respect. Surely he’s not perfect but he did a lot of humanitarian work throughout the years, probably even more important things than Roger.

  9. I grew up near to Bono 5 minute's away in North Dublin back in the 1970s and 1980s soon as he got his wad of cash he bought a mansion in the richest part of Ireland Dalkey early 80s surrounded by the Irish elite and still has the property super greedy Bono money mad for wealth in a stylish way to be excepted as Venture Vultures Capitolist

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