Rommy Tomminson’s Car Gets Firebombed

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  1. "It's 2022 and I've been called a racist, what will I do?"

    You'll get your car firebombed, Carl. You'll lose your access to financial services. You'll get arrested for noticing organised rape gangs and terrorists.

  2. Muslims: "Behead those who insult islam"
    Non-muslims: "Insult those who behead non-muslims"
    Also non-muslims: "Actually, don't insult them, that's mean"
    Gosh, I wonder why the muslims are winning the holy war?

  3. It appears that the left in this country thrive on opposition and want an active right wing that they can contest. If they were so concerned far right activists are "exploiting" this criminality, why do the left not do something about it? What about trying to reduce misogynistic violence in general? Trying to scare people off with racism allegations is helping this social evil persist for decades more.

  4. From what i read, From him, not 3rd party, is that this happened about an hour or 2 After he released his Documentary . I may be a bit off on the Time period, i think im correct here, but thats what was posted on the site that started with G ending with R .

  5. Even if Tommy was a racist I find it illuminating that rape of kids is somewhat less important to "some people". I doubt the so called left is the real problem here, it goes deeper than that.

  6. Not a TR fan as he is a Zionist backed shill (and all the mass movement is as a result and intended from the US/Israeli bombings of the ME) but as I’m from Shropshire and lived there until I was in my 20s and Telford was always known as dangerous but my friends said its now next level. I personally know 3 adult women who were raped by taxi drivers from Telford, the trafficking and rape of kids is by far the worst stuff be theres so much more happening there.

  7. Whats it going to take, for the authorities to take action on this subject. Britain is no longer the land of hope and glory….it's been sold out by weak politicians.
    The sooner western society is rid of WOKE the better.

  8. History will look kindly on Rommy and angrily at Sir Tony Blair. One defends Brits and Britain and the other opened the door to its destruction. Btw joined Gettr today! Nice to hear the voiceless speaking freely again!

  9. Rommy Tomminson is a hero and all. But that aside, it is discouraging to see we aren't organising to take control of OUR streets. We need to start taking ownership of our commons again. Our "elites" have handed them over to bad people.

  10. Ya know it has hit the fan when people protect the pedos to not offend the people whom they're attached to. All because they crossed the rubicon of acceptence via I am stupid and then punish people that shouldn't be doing the police's job. Since the police rather worry about why you have a butter knife and do you have legal TV. Then why is there a queue a those types "people" going in this one random house all throughout the week.

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