Ron Desantis MIC DROP MOMENT Just Shut Up All His Critics!


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  1. As long as those leave commyfornia leave the left wing voting there. Don't leave Cali and continue to vote for the liberal mindset that put Cali in the position it's in today

  2. I think conservatives would be wise to nominate DeSantis over Trump . Liberals fear DeSantis . I voted for Trump but this time I think DeSantis is the better choice . DeSantis is much more well spoken , a much better statesman , and plays the political game better with a much cleaner political and personal track record .

  3. If California didn't have THE WEATHER that they do NO ONE WOULD LIVE HERE!
    Cali does have all the tax money. We have voted in every 2 year election cycle for the past 8 years to approve new taxes to raise BILLIONS more money EACH TIME in order to fix homelessness. BILLION$ approved OVER and OVER and OVER and homelessness has gotten worse EVERY SINGLE YEAR and that is just a microcosm of everything in CA.

  4. I live in Los Angeles its a hell hole, dirty, filthy and disgusting city and getting worse I'm moving out asap. Its a pigsty here and my neighborhood houses are 3-4 million a pop and its horribly disgusting here

  5. Gruesome Newsome posted his sh-t on Truth Social….I was one of many that "truthed" back to him. The words criminal and treason did escape from my keyboard.

  6. I live in Los Angeles County. I was born and raised here. I'm 33 years old and up until last year I never once in my life considered leaving my home state. Now I can't wait to flee this liberal crap hole. And it's all thanks to democrat policies run amuck

  7. when a few guys and U-Haul fix potholes faster and more efficient than a government with 100 million dollar budget and 3 year plan…that's when you know our system is completely broken.. in my city it's even worse you can't drive 2 feet without hitting grand canyon size potholes

  8. As a Floridian, I can confirm seeing several California and New York license plates every time I'm out and about. But that also means we're probably getting more wokies who will vote blue and try to turn the state blue during the election cycle.

  9. Yahoo won't allow me writing this : Democrats have to lie, ugly Hollywood is Democrats in California and all the rest, nothing in Democrats agenda is American its opposite. Perfect example is buying oil from Russia, Biden son getting money from China, Ukraine, Russia & 10% to the big guy, president Biden showering 🚿 with his daughter, Hunter weighing Crack 2.23 grams on YouTube, Democrat AG Garland son in law publishing CRT, 26 genders, Unicorn gender, boy Trans to girl books to K-3rd graders. Democrats are mental liars that even Africa won't allow Obama, Biden in Africa for discussion or assembly. Midterms and 2024 elections will end this Socialist Democrat Pedophile era.

  10. The streets are shite EVERYWHERE in CA. I go to a chiropractor who is about a 20 min. drive from my home (without traffic) and I often think that AFTER I SEE HIM and go home, by the time I ride the roads back home, in my small SUV with AWD, that I need to turn around and drive right back to him and get an adjustment AGAIN – that's how rough, uneven and pothole-ridden the streets are! Gas is the highest in CA, with the highest gas taxes and DEMOCRATS WHO RUN THE STATE (they've had the majority in the state for ages) JUST RAISED THE GAS TAX AGAIN so they can "fix the roads", which they've said they were going to do for AGES!

  11. Ladies and gentlemen, ",yes I said it" I give you the next president of USA Ron de santis, that's what they are all thinking, I just said it, please don't swat me lol

  12. Separation is inevitable. Just admit it, accept it, and let it happen. Ask yourself if there are any other options or political solutions. Can you live under leftist woke democrat rule? Do you think they're going to stop pushing their agenda on the entire country? Do think they're ever going to stop cheating, lying, and engaging in corruption and criminality? Will they ever stop with relentless identity politics, and their anti-white, anti-constitution, anti-American policies? Do you think they're willing or able to engage in negotiation or compromise? Will they ever surrender their grip on every institution in America, always infiltrating deeper, and subverting every corner of society? Will their completely subverted MSM ever report fairly? Will they ever stop fighting for a total marxist/elitist takeover of America? I think we all know the answers.

  13. I remember hearing Commiefornia wasn't attempting to implement an exit tax

    Gavin Newsom is getting off of his own farts 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. Keep California's in California we don't want them they are like cockroaches they will ruin your state always trying to change it to the color of blue kick them out.

  15. Going to Mexico 🤔, I wonder if they researched their immigration policy? In that policy it says you cannot fly a Flag that is not the Mexico state flag. Also you don't buy land there you lease it for 99 year's. Anyways that's how it was it may have changed. I'm from Arizona and we're getting a ton of California people, as long as they leave the liberalism behind.

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