Ron Paul IS OK After Suffering Possible Stroke On Live Show, Respect To The Paul Family

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  1. Ron Paul was an absolute game changer, all the way back in 1988. Finally we got to see a real constitutionalist who was saying things that many of us had always wondered how they could be law, such as the war on drugs and the Federal Reserve, and that gave many of us to stand up for the courage of our convictions and it made many of us realize that we live in a one party system that violates the constitution for the benefit of the wealthy elite. And doing this as a free market libertarian just made it all the more powerful, and for many of us, it was the first time we'd seen a politician actually tell the truth and stick to his principles and never back down from a tough question, always being able to handle them easily with grace.

    He was like the original Bernie except he never sold out. What many people don't know is, Dr. Paul was getting crowds of 5,000 people at colleges like Berkeley, who should by all measures despise him. But instead, they were attracted to someone who was finally telling them the truth, and who was way ahead of everyone else on things like legalizing pot, gay marriage, prostitution and many other personal freedoms. He was the first one who began to open my eyes, even though I was too young to vote. But I had been really into politics since I was 11.

    So by the time Ralph Nader came around, he struck that same nerve with me that Paul did. He may have had very different ideas about how to fix the problems, but just like Paul, he told the truth and addressed exactly the same issues. I voted for him twice, and voted for Paul in the primary.

    It's really a shame at what has become of the libertarian right and the progressive left and how they have been hijacked by people who clearly have interests in them failing, as they are no longer grass roots movements. You'll see Dr. Paul on Jimmy Dore with no arguing, and you'll see Nader on John Stossel, who's a little bit tougher than Dore, but still mainly focused on where they agree, which is with all of the problems with Neoliberalism, crony capitalism, lobbyists, the military industrial complex, etc.

    But the powers that be have so cleverly managed to make identity politics the number one issue in politics, which somehow serves as a way to get progressive Leftists and libertarian rights to oppose each other, even though there is no good reason too. As Nader says, we have one party, the money party. So it's us versus them. No amount of voting for them is going to change anything. The odds of getting a majority of our elected politicians to be Rand Paul's and Tulsi Gabbard a is zero.

    If progressives and libertarians could come together to form a real rainbow coalition, and put their petty differences aside for the greater good. If they could unify as one party with a range of different personalities all bound by the motivation to stop the oligarchs and return liberty to the people, we may have a chance. But unfortunately, that will never happen. It would just be OWS all over again, getting hijacked by Soros funded identity nuts.

  2. Hey Tim, if you read this, a lot of your videos of the last couple of days that I been watching are at only 360p is YouTube having “technical difficulties “ ? With your content ?

  3. I wish he would have become POTUS. When we started being labeled as terrorists and anti-American for supporting him after 9/11 I knew the system was screwed. When he got blacked out in the media while running for POTUS it reaffirmed to me that things were screwed and I quit watching the media then. Dr. Ron Paul is a legend and he is always on the side of the citizen and less government and he is always a voice of reason. He would have made a great POTUS! The swamp things in power would never let it happen though. ❤️ Dr. Paul!

  4. After you confirmed he was all good, I stopped caring about your video and began watching the bouncing pile of paint at the bottom right had corner lmao Slomo Guys!

  5. Rand Paul suddenly started to slur speech and begin to mumble gibberish? Apparently he should make a 4th run for office because this seems to be no barrier for the office of POTUS these days.

  6. Rand Paul isn't necessarily what people call "president material" but he is 100% strong "vice president material".. he's "too good-hearted" to be the president and all that comes with that seat.