Room Goes SILENT When Hawley Exposes Fauci’s Blatant Lies

Watch the room go SILENT when Sen. Josh Hawley exposes Dr. Fauci’s blatant lies. WATCH Doocy leave Biden official SHOCKED with one simple question:

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  1. so Fauchi an his gang are right an anyone opposing is a conspiracy theorist…wow for the last years atleast knowingly now ……the left is on a brainwash mission

  2. Highest paid person in the US government, who will retire with full salary, has done more to damage this country, spouts lies and then calls anyone who disagrees a science denier, and will likely never see jail time. The US is on a downhill course and our fellow citizens are doing zilch to stop it.

  3. I wish media outlets (like this channel) who are the only ones reporting this type of information, wouldn't be so fucking cringy with their headlines, video titles, and video jockeys / anchors.

  4. So, the natural next question is, WHY ISN'T FAUCI AND HIS MINIONS CHARGED WITH ANYTHING YET?? The man should be in jail and any money associated with this crime should be seized immediately!! MILLIONS died because of this, and he is gonna walk free?? HE CAN'T guys, he just can't!!! Now do you guys realize why they are attempting to keep President Trump out of the White House again?? WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

  5. The public is becoming so manipulated and gaslighted, that they will ignore evidence of a conspiracy when it's THERE out of fear of being labeled a "conspiracy" "theorist". It's the latest psychological word game Buzz phrase to control the population.

  6. Obama and Fauci planned on using this on the world in 15!!
    Fauci predicted Trump was going to have a pandemic!! Not one man can predicted a pandemic!!
    The only one that can predict a pandemic are the ones that release the pandemic!!

  7. 60% lethal and black plague was what, 10%? My God. Scientists are playing with a civilization killing "Omega man" disaster that makes 1% Covid look like childs play. U.S. funding this? No words…

  8. Why did this happen? Because there are traitors in our government and the patriots in our government are too scared to stop them. Perhaps there are traitors in the DOJ, FBI, CIA, etc. also.

  9. Why is Fauchi, and Hunter Biden, free from jail, enjoying freedoms of this Country, while Patriots sit in a city jail, with no bail, no representation, no freedom? One unarmed Veteran, shot in the back.
    Why? Because this administration, and our Government is run by Communists! Criminals! Called Democrats!
    November 2022 is our time to even the score. Vote these Democrats out of office and don't look back.

  10. What if there was real chaos aimed at the elite. Anyone connected to the elites or a elected t-raitor? MAIDS, HOUSEKEEPS, GARNERS, THEIR CARS, PROTEST IN FRONT OF THEIR HOMES AND THE LIST GOES ON. We got up in their face followed them around. Along with their families and friends. Their place of work. beat up and throw things at them. These things they have done to us. We need to teach them a lesson about our country.
    We Adapt and take over what is being use to attack us. Turn it around and use it against them. We over come the enemy and attack without fear. In other words, my friends.
    DON'T F*** with America.
    We will F*** you up.
    We have a lot of F**(ing up to do WITH these KNOWN enemy combatants.

  11. Just another reason Republicans need to take back the House and Senate to open up investigations into Fauchi and others that tried to hide this virus and except responsibility for it they need to be held accountable for all that died . Unfortunately we have Democrat's that never let a crisis go too waste and are complicit with Fauchi and bare responsibility as well . It's time too round them up for their crimes !

  12. That deadly virus could set us back a millennial.

    A millennium is a period of one thousand years,

    Year 2022 👉🏼 Year 1022

    Year 1020  Avicenna, (Abu Ali al-Husayn ibn Abd Allah ibn Sina) the greatest thinker and person of medicine of this and surrounding centuries, is forty years-old. He has 17 more years to live, a lifetime in which he will have composed 276 books on medicine, physics, astronomy, chemistry, mathematics, economics and religion. He believes in empiricism and rationalism and thinks scientifically. He has been accused by fellow Muslims of "unbelief," to which he replies: "If I have turned from Him who is blessed by birth, there's no true Muslim left on earth."  His "Canon on Medicine" will be translated into Latin and begin influencing Europe in the 12th century – a book of 830 pages.

    Year 1022  Putting people to death for heresy has begun in Europe, fourteen said to have been burned to death at the city of Orleans on order of the French king, Robert the Pious.

  13. ABCDEFGH [Preview.Review.Reminder]

    A. All-Powerful is EXPOSING atheists/politicians
    B. Born-again Raptured to Heaven. Maybe, This Year
    C. Commies,Democrats,Rinos,Woke destroy the Planet
    D. Devil deceives the whole World
    E. Eternal Creator Comes to Earth with every Believer
    F. Faithful are Rewarded with
    G. Goodness & Mercy/New Earth&Heaven & Live
    H. Happily Ever After….

  14. WHEN is Congress going to arrest and charge Fauci with perjury???? Instead Congress will let him retire and walk away with millions of dollar he got from the murder of people all over the world.

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