Rotten Tomatoes, a Perfect Microcosm of Reality vs Propaganda

Most movies rated as terrible by critics, if they have any social message, are highly rated by the audience, and vice-versa.


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  1. It’s incorrect to call the RT ratings a score. Their percentage ratings only reflect what percentage of the group (critics or audience) gave the film a positive review. Neither rating reflects a qualitative judgment at all.

  2. It's been this way for a long time now. I remember back when there was only 1 score per film. Then they were acquired and it took about 5 minutes for them to sell out and fuck with the metrics. They know the audience score is the only reason they can still sell ads on their worthless website. One more captured institution.

  3. I instantly place an online article into the be wary bucket if I see no citations, no links to supporting information and no comment section. If there is nothing volunteered to support their claims no matter how commonly known they are; I don't trust them The other factor is that the article is plastered with ads all over it. Then I consider it click bait.

  4. Entertainment… enter/inter = internal, tain = contain, ment = mental/mentality… internal mental containment is doing exactly what it was created for, MIND CONTROL

  5. Bias yields dynamism, which simulates "excitement", which, in its turn, draws customers…like flies…But this customer base is, at the same time, culled to be sympathetic to the propaganda. Those people not so titillated are simply not represented, giving an impression of uniformity that is a lie. You can't get a boring objective viewpoint from a source dedicated to profit–it doesn't "sell". Or so they believe…

  6. This is part of the reason I don't watch mainstream movies anymore, the reviews are full of lies, and most of them are made to lecture you rather than entertain.

  7. Let's just accept the truth… They shovel horseshit into our feeding trough.
    At any point… do we refuse to be drafted into one of their horseshit wars…
    in the near future?
    Who will defend them any longer?
    People will give up on these ass holes… and lye down.
    I have no hope any longer.

  8. Kinda hard to be critical as a critic when your being paid in money or sex for a piece that some moron wants you to write. Give me the non PC hellraisers anytime Mel Gibson, Russell Crowe et al.

  9. I literally rather "doctor" Phil than "doctor" fauci and i personally recognize Phil's doctor title as not only more accurate, but more impressive as well. Which says a lot about how garbage fauci is if u didn't catch my drift by now.

  10. Siskel and Ebert were a different breed of critic. I haven't always agreed with their reviews, but I could tell that they were giving their genuine opinions. Nowadays the critics' reviews are about what they think they're expected to say, like voting in the Oscars has become.