Rotten Tomatoes Is the Culture War Battleground

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  1. Justify biological materialism. Where is the point where materialism and idealism meet? Or, are you saying that there is 'only' the material world? Fine. So, phenomenology is a myth. How exactly do we apprehend the material world?

  2. I suspect the elite are a mix of university indoctrinated stooges as managers, other managers afraid the university indoctrinated stooges and peer pressure, and managers and staff knowing they are Borg who must comply or be fired.

  3. Well, professional reviews have always been tainted either by money or politics, with specific reviewers being rare exceptions.
    So if you want to know a good film/game whatever you should disregard them and ask, but what do the fans say.

  4. I've always said the general audience is pretty on point when it comes to reviews, obviously there are gonna be the people that dislike something from the get go because of what something is, but paying for entertainment is an investment and it's something that everyone besides the critics do.

    How many times have y'all scrolled thru a game's page on steam to read reviews to see if it's worth the money?

    How many of you do the same on IGN, kotaku, polygon, etc..?

  5. once upon a time you could go to their site to get an idea of how good a movie might be. now you can go there and the HIGHER their score, the WORSE the movie/tv show will be… their paid critics are sjw activists who have one eye on their corporate sponsors. actual quality of movies, the acting, production values etc are very much secondary.

  6. This movie and the elitists critics movie review paint Fauci as very honest… Just days before the NIH report Fauci did help fund the gain of function research at the Wuhan virology lab, being essentially responsible for the entire Covid pandemic! And having openly LIED to congress when confronted by Sen. Paul!!
    And they wonder why the plebs disagree with them.

  7. Don't let vice tell you that RT is a "battleground". It is a place where a victory against woke has already been won.
    nobody is fighting to fix the critics vs audience score disparity. It is an example of the elites being wrong and long may it continue.

  8. It makes sense the left tend to agree with the critics and the right tends to agree with the audience and look which side those are placed on rotten tomatoes I wander if that was intentional

  9. So the critics believe they are there to instruct you on what constitutes a good film?

    Bizzare as I thought they were supposed to review a film on it's merits!

  10. The propagandist say look this movies great give it a 90%.
    The people that watched it said it was awful, lies and boring except the part where the guy in charge of the virus funded it to be made. LMFAO

  11. I doubt that many people actually look at critic reviews anymore. I'd been a decade or more. When reviews of The Last Jedi came out… I was already thinking… I'll wait a few months to see audience scores. Whenever I see good critic scores my first question is… "Is this woke BS?"

  12. 1:18 is he? Because he says trans women are women when they aren't. Did anyone actually watch that garbage stand up and think or was it just me? Chapelle is an enemy too, hes just not full blown kool-aid drinking.

  13. Ayn Rand was dramatizing this issue 80 years ago through her novel _The Fountainhead_. For example, Jules Fougler as the drama critic for The Banner (a newspaper) promoted trash. At one point he confesses, “What achievement is there for a critic in praising a good play? None whatever. The critic is then nothing but a kind of glorified messenger boy between author and public. […] I’m sick of it. I have a right to wish to impress my own personality upon people. Otherwise, I shall become frustrated—and I do not believe in frustration. But if a critic is able to put over a perfectly worthless play—ah, you do perceive the difference!” Of course as a fictional character he is more self aware than today's hack critics.

  14. I've been saying since 2017 that anything rotten tomatoes says is good it means it's bad and the opposite is also true. Anything rotten tomatoes says is bad means it's good.

  15. When reviewers, critics and newsmen no longer reflect the core values of their audience, then their opinion becomes irrelevant. They are propagandists and nothing more.

  16. I mean. Captain Marvel was pretty mediocre. It wasn't nearly as bad as some people say, but it wasn't good either. At all. But I really hate how much they hype her up as the most powerful person in all of the marvel universe.

  17. There is one, and only one thing that I agree with when it comes to Dr. Fauci
    The research on viruses that was being done at Wuhan is necessary and important, especially when it comes to fighting weaponized viruses. The problem is that various treaties have made this kind of research illegal in the US and most European countries. We need to do this research because we need to know how to fight these kind of viruses, however. China has a culture of not giving a damn. There's even a special term for it, but it escapes me at the moment. Either way this research NEEDS to be done, but it needs to be done in a country / culture that takes safety standards and personal responsibility VERY safely.
    If this lab had been in the US or UK they virus would have never gotten out.

  18. Fauci f'ed up treating dogs inhumanely. He should have been jailed a while ago, but he's crossed a line now – he's done for. You don't mess with dogs lol.

  19. Thank the Lord for Chris Stuckmann and Jeremy Jahns, because at least they seem to review the film on its own merits and are fair with why they either liked or disliked a film. Even if I disagree with them, I can tell they’re driven by a love for film and not for a political message.

    And let’s not forget the Critical Drinker haha.

  20. To anyone saying it's been going on since ghostbusters, etc, you need to realize that history is literally being written by these people. If nobody else records history, then you lose all perspective years later when nobody remembers. A good example is the democrat party being the party of the KKK, but it's never portrayed as it actually was, because they're the ones writing the books. None of these youtube videos matter long term, because they build up years of literally unwatchable content due to time constraints, and the channels can get banned. YOU NEED TO WRITE BOOKS that summarize how things are.

  21. Love you guys but the outfits matching and Callums slightly less developed facial hair just make you guys look like elder and junior versions of the same neckbeard, lol!

  22. the review bombing effort has apparently been one of the longest running, most consistently effective strategies of the online right. It's supposedly been going on for over a decade without stop