Roy Moore Awarded $8.2 MILLION After Democratic PAC Defamed Him – Viva Clips

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  1. my friend, a blue voter, voted for trump and i said she should vote for roy moore when he was running. she was like "that pedo?"
    who gets the last laugh? well not me. i didnt get 8m dollars. but i do get to laugh 😉

  2. I remember Ray Moore. They demonized and destroyed this man because of his faith and the principles he expressed out of it. It was so egregious at the time I thought what person could survive that. Glad he won his case.

  3. VIVA – Hamilton Ontario has retracted their policy for mandatory vaccination after facing a potential payout of $2.8M to $7.4M for severance packages entitled to 130 employees. These 130 employees saved the jobs of 134 other employees, who had no severance packages. Hamilton Spectator, subsidiary of TorStar, reported on the story.

    At the same, the government of British Columbia is expecting unvaccinated mothers that took maternity leave to repay $50,000. This is reported by My Prince George Now, a local news entity and subsidiary of Post Media.

  4. So…was he cleared of those allegations or were they just found to be defamatory? The stories I heard were that complaints had been made back in the day, just not by anyone with any power. I'm not 100% sure this guy has his woodchipper pass yet. I'd be happy to be wrong.

  5. Roy Moore was absolutely defamed, but he's still a horrible corrupt politician and was part of the Alabama political swanp.
    I'm from Alabama. This guy was never popular. We dodged a bullet keeping an RINO establishment candidate with a verified record of corruption out of the Senate. Tommy Tuberville is better.

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