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  1. All I can imagine now is an old British gentleman with a top hat and monocle at a wrestling ring yelling "Let's get ready to RUUUMMBLLE!" into a microphone.

  2. No one has any honour any more – the Samurai would have committed Harakiri by now for betrayal of their Lord. Give the man a revolver with a single bullet and lock him in his office.

  3. I suspect the government rightly knew full well that these lockdown mandates were nonsensical and pointless.
    The msm and other players such as SAGE would have made it their goal in life to crucify this government had they done what they most likely wanted to do and keep the country and economy open.
    The msm do not want these mandates including the fear and discomfort they bring to ever end and they feed off it like vampires.
    Borris should have grown a pair from the very start, listened to the real scientists and analysts regarding this so called pandemic as he wouldn't now be in this embarrassing position hes now embroiled in.
    He's not the leader he fooled us into thinking he was, he's a weak man and needs to go

  4. It's always funny how people object to the queen as "She's unelected." In a way… that can keep them grounded. They know, at all times, that it was only a chance of their birth that they are in a position of power, where the process of getting "elected" has the effects of pushing narcissists, the power hungry, and ruthless pricks to the top of the heap. Its not a stretch to say that a king or queen could be a far more humble and reasonable ruler than a president or prime minister.

  5. Forgive me for not feeling sorry for the ultra rich, literal MONARCHS.

    The elite declaring themselves our supreme leaders, is the reason why were in this global mess in the first place.

  6. You don’t appear to be asking the right questions, the elephant in the room for me, is why those in the know, weren’t scared of this ‘deadly life ending virus’? Might the answer be, because it was all a scam….?

  7. The funeral was restricted to 30 people. But other funerals, in India, were being attended by hundreds of British citizens who selfishly flew there. Unlike the Downing Street parties, those gatherings actually killed people by bringing Delta into the UK. Strange that the media scum couldn't bury that story quick enough, and the variant was hastily renamed, but this story is big news with fingers of blame being appointed.

  8. Shame on the British Government not only do they disrespect the Queen but they despise the British Public …This will not be forgotten and will not be kept quiet and brushed under the carpet come elections…..

  9. But unfortunately most of us are stupid.
    Most of us stood on our door steps clapping at the sky.
    Most of us locked ourselves away for months because Boris told you too.
    Most of us had a cocktail of untested fluids injected into our bodies and wear muzzles, still are!
    Most of us are stupid.

  10. Possibly an unpopular opinion, but I (an American) would be happy to see Andrew reinstated completely if he first provided evidence against every one of Epstein's island visitors that lead to a significant number of convictions. He would still be a fecal lump, but at least he would have provided evidence against a bunch of other fecal lumps.

  11. One Attempted Murder charge for each person (per 5 minute increment) that they were in contact with in breach of these rules…or a kidnapping charge for each member of the public that they falsely imprisoned while they partied (and a First Degree Murder for each person who comitted suicide during that time).

    Also applies to the Opposition and anyone else who has any form of political or government job. All need to go.

  12. In 2020, we were only allowed 10 people at my grandmother's funeral. Shortly after that there was a televised funeral for a domestic abusing drug addict with dozens or hundreds in attendance. No rules had changed. And not long after that, another one for a politician. You can imagine how I feel about their diktats.

    On another note, I've always had a very healthy disdain for royalty, but what I've learned about the queen in recent years has softened me towards her to a degree. But she is the only royal for whom I have any respect.

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