RT America Shut Down! w/ Lee Camp

On March 3rd, with virtually no warning, the entire staff and on-air talent at RT American were informed that the network would be shutting down operations, effective immediately, and they would all be laid off. Show hosts including Dennis Miller, Jesse Ventura and Lee Camp all lost their shows – and jobs – as an indirect consequence of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Jimmy and Lee discuss this latest instance of censorship silencing anti-establishment voices.

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  1. I know WE overthrew the Ukraine govt. in 2014.

    BUT …….Got kicked off of FB right before 'ol joe got into office. Never given a reason. Was getting around a dozen friend requests in the am and then a dozen in pm. Currently am censored from just about everything in the US. Last place where I got censored was ben fulford…few days ago. Been on their chat for years. Am thinking the bigs are about ready to make a move.

  2. Well, Hitler himself was also a half Jew. But he hated his very strict Jewish father…
    So, Zelensky being a Jew doesn't necessarily prevent him from collaborating with Nazis in his country.

  3. The problem with watching the Jimmy Dore show is he is constantly ahead of the curve and right about what he's saying but then it puts me ahead of the curve and constantly right and I have to live in this world with so many dumb people around me it is a full-time job

  4. Welcome to the new Red Scare where any affiliation makes you a fellow traveler. We haven't seen this level of censorship since the 1950s nor this level of popular support for censorship.

  5. The genius of RT was that, in order to counter-programme the corporatist/CIA liars who run CNN, MSNBC, the BBC, etc., all they had to due was tell the truth. So of course they are now censored!

  6. According to Lee Camp's "Redacted Tonight," Uighur concentration camps in China are fake because it was 1st reported by a conservative source, supposidly. Something stinks about Lee Camp. China can do no wrong? I wonder what he thinks of organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners in China.

  7. When War Breaks Out


    I have never seen so much

    Propaganda in all my life

    It is mind boggling the

    Saturation of their control

    And fools rush in knowing

    The hypocrisy is astounding

    Yeah nineteen eighty four

    Has nothing on this baby


    I thought the media was blind

    But they know what they do

    They are a part of the system

    To control me and you

    They say they are free but

    Nothing’s further from the truth

    With hearts and minds shut

    They blind and control youth


    When war breaks out you always shout

    It’s not our fault they started it

    Weapons of mass destruction no doubt

    We are just in it to make a profit


    You portray other countries with lies

    Even though you have done the same

    The media backs you up to the sky

    And the rest of Europe is to blame

    You can sanction this sanction that

    But in the end you will do nothing

    To save the comedian who’s a brat

    But you will cheer him on till the end


    People suffer and people die

    For masters to make a profit

    How many more suffer through lies

    All for you their prophet


    When war breaks out you always shout

    It’s not our fault they started it

    Weapons of mass destruction no doubt

    We are just in it to make a profit

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