Ruling Elites Just Don’t Care

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  1. To be fair, and I loath to here, but to be fair. The entire point of the press core dinner is to be a kind of roast. That's been the tradition for a long time. It's a "civil" version of of a Comedy Central roast, pretty much always has been for as long as my memory goes back.

  2. I know he is a old man but i would quite happily kick the fuck out of joe biden. So smug. Also why can he manage a full sentence here but not at a press conference?

  3. "This isn't your grandfathers GOP."

    No, the GOP hasn't changed it's political standards in over a century.
    It's the democrats that've gone fucking nuts.

  4. hungarian here, i just felt like giving a little bit of a "correction" this "democratic voting" about the antipedolaw was more like a survey.. the law is already in rule more then a year by now i think, also it ended up invalid because apparently leftist movements encouraged sympathizers to fill the form faultily. so despite the fact that vast majority voted in favour of the law it is still "not enough valid vote on it".. that being said, like i mentioned earlier its all doesnt matter because the law is already in rule and despite the failure of this voting, gorement doesnt plans to change it back anyways! 😀

  5. 1. These are the TWATS that set up the war in Ukraine in the 1990s by deliberately including bits of Russia inside Ukraine borders especially Crimea instead of formulating a lasting peace.
    2. These are the TWATS that continue to sustain a pointless, avoidable war that Ukraine has already lost.
    3. The are the TWATS that give weapons and money to literal N-A-Z-I-s
    4. These are the TWATS that have permanently put our cost of living up.
    5. These are the TWATS who risk nuclear war breaking out and don't seem to realise that Nuclear wars can start by accident.
    6. These are the TWATS who are doing this because their corrupt cash cow that is Ukraine is threatened.


  6. justice is the resolution of a conflict involving the violation of one's right to autonomy. you have this right, everyone does. if that right is violated, then some compensation must be paid by any entity that willfully (up to and including negligence) takes an action to violate that autonomy. an accurate assessment of harm and cognizance from all entities relevant to the interaction must be conducted to achieve a measured response so as to cite why the measures within the response are justified at all.

  7. Gay person here, the idea that I'm supposed to want kids to learn about sexual orientation and gender nonsense in kindergarten is disgusting

  8. What does the white race deserve?

    Oh I love you guys. You've finally caught up to the reality of the situation. To the world that they seek to create for those like us.

  9. They can be seen grinning all the way to the bank. Whilst next door to their bank are charity shops with little old ladies scrabbling around for a pair of secondhand gloves …

  10. That Biden speech is an example of when they dose the shit out of him with some drug cocktail that sharpens him up for special events, but which can’t be used everyday for some reason (whether it becomes less effective, is addictive, or has side effects).

  11. I think you missed the point. Those press correspondent dinners go back decades, and are a test of whether Presidents and others can laugh at themselves. Some of them were brutal, such as Stephen Colbert roasting G. W. Bush.

  12. This just in from Vox
    Ron Desantis doesn't like when his neighbors dog shits on his lawn, know who else doesn't like that?

    Thats right! Viktor Orbán

    What fAr RiGhT weirdos

  13. It's so funny how they all just put up with him. Not a single dem actually likes joe, they're just stuck with him because the media tells them which way the wind blows.

  14. I find it highly amusing that they are claiming nearly 80% agreement on "racial/social Just us" and are basing it on a single online poll of a mere 2,244 people (likely hand picked via Twatter) out of a nation of over 56 Million…. that is 0.0004% of the population or 1 out of every 25,000 I seriously question the veracity of this single survey upon which all of their research has been done…

    In a nutshell, they are charlatans so full of excrement that slapping the shite out of them would leave naught but a belt and a pair of shoes….

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